President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally As Hurricane Pummels Florida | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Hurricane Michael ravaged the south as Pres. Trump went to PA for a campaign rally. As always there is an old Trump tweet where the President was critical of his predecessor for considerably less. Yamiche Alcindor and Jonathan Capehart discuss with Lawrence.
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President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally As Hurricane Pummels Florida | The Last Word | MSNBC


Mark Keller says:

R'member berries!

Ross Smith says:

There is a lot of space between people behind him at that rally. Turn out lower than expected or what?

Keith says:

The Democrat party is NOW the ENEMY of the PEOPLE !

Leonard Covarrubias says:

what no paper towels…….

Tim Mc says:

I've never noticed prior Presidents holding so many rallies like trump does. Is this the norm? How much does one of these rallies cost tax payers?

Terncote says:

BREAKING NEWS: Trump's Golf Holiday Disrupted By Hurricane Michael.

Don Emigholz Jr. says:

I live in Las Vegas and the Democrats had better get their act together or they are going to loose this state. The voters do not care if Trump kissed Putin on the lips they support Trump. At this point a Democrat would be better off echoing Trumps sentiment about the wall, about taxes and so forth.
The Country is in trouble, big trouble. Democrats need a leader, desperately.

Hank Hill says:

Gotta do important stuff….like rallying…. And hanging out with Kanye…. Hurricane victims can take a back seat

Nevi Gabriel says:

LOL..This newsreader is still eating sour lemons:)..
Jayz and Springsteen..I must LAUGH really..The sting of being crushed by the Trump win just can never leave Obama…to be stung twice..gee, that's somethin!

Michael Kuzmits, CPA says:

You Crazy Radical Liberals still watching MSNBC ???

Hellkite1999 says:

Florida panhandle is Trump country. F them. They wanted their small government and pick yourself by your bootstraps attitude. Florida, rebuild your own state.

Felix Gonzales says:

He such a disgrace of a President.

Zoë Rae says:

He’s such a turd

earlene wallace says:

I wouldn't compare it to Nero fiddling while Rome burned but it's close. Donald Trump cares about only one thing: Donald Trump.

Sue Ling Chang says:

Trump this and Trump that ,day after day…… MSNBC is fake news , just like CNN, NYT, NBC, ABC , Washington Post, Late night TV …Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, day time TV …The View, Ellen….The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore , Hollywood actors and music artists the list goes on. No shortage of Soro's puppets.

SkyGemini says:

There needs to be an amendment in which a presidential candidate needs to have some form of civil service whether it be military or otherwise. You can't elect a multiple failed "business" man who is Not a politician, never was and who could not pass even a GED. He has no clue how things work, not politics nor in the private business sector. The only consistency is his bankruptcies and ripping people off for services rendered. He's run your country into the ground just like all his many past failures.

Iowa and Nebraska are countries now, eh? I don't think I've ever seen such a shameful performance as this orange degenerate in all my time on this earth. Every single thing that he's getting loud about and pointing his stubby little finger at that supposedly the democrats are doing, he's guilty of doing himself. A thousand fold. His kkk rallies are the mob, his SCOTUS and party are the mob. Now they're taking people's votes away. Agolf Twittler believes if you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth. Your country has been flushed down the toilet.

Manuela Costa Lima says:

Trump is the most egotistical poor excuse for a president this country has ever been cursed with. He campaigns like a demented rock star while the lives of so many Floridians are devastated by hurricane Michael.

House of the Diamond 8 says:

Should he go out in the hurricane and stop it? Should he not hold the campaign rally?

Micah Jared says:

Trump was out of the House that is White for 3:00hrs. The theatrics, anxiety and drama, like the whole state of Florida was hanging from the trees waiting for Trump to catch him with his rescue net. Suddenly the most hated President ever has to be on scene before the storm hits, waiting with his wader boots? Hes so mentally unstable and Racist, yet he was being counted on to drive the first fire truck or ride with the electric crews to get right up them poles ??? Where was Obama when Baltimore was being burnt and looted? MSNBC is joke.

Alana Marie says:

players gonna play, haters gonna hate. these rallies helped him in 2016. these rallies are always filled to max capacity. pumping up voters. keep hating.

Robert says:

What an embarrassing moron!

Bro. Elijah says:


Jack Rasmussen says:

I just want to know how much money has Trump's "Rallies" cost those of us that pay our fair of taxes?

MICKSS350 says:

Hurry up and finish your rallies Donnie boy so you can get down to Florida and start tossing paper towels!!!

Eric Wood says:

MSNBC: Your network that you can trust for authentic hate

Toni Olson says:

He has NO LEADERSHIP QUALITIES what do his base see in the jerk. Anyone off the street can do what he has done.

Donovan says:

Admitting "The Emperor has no clothes" would imply flaws in the core beliefs of the GOP and supporters. That is something they could never allow or admit. They are satisfied 45 speaks their inner voices, regardless of cost to Country.

Matrox One says:

MS-13 NBC= Fake News

Matrox One says:


Laura Beaudoin says:

Lawrence – I WISH YOU WOULD STOP SHOWING trump spewing – every time I begin to hear him speak – I want to vomit!

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