Best of Team Radio | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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The airwaves got pretty heated during an eventful weekend at Suzuka. We caught the best bits…

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Canadian Normie says:

Is time for max to be demoted to toro rosso?

Go geta says:

Five seconds ,what a joke!

MPAH1981 says:

Lewis has turned into a complete wanker. He will most certainly retire when they stop giving him the cars. In the hybrid era all you need is a one lap car and a bit of luck.

Brayan Nogales says:

I have to admit that the silver arrows in formation looks great

Sanjay Sangar says:

somebody please let me know soundtrack playing in backgroud. please.

Wizteria Gaming says:

Jeez ….. Hamilton's Radio is a cringeworthy….

Muhammad Hafiz says:

anyone know the music?

C. Sum says:

Max is the worst at pleading his case lol. "Max theres a 10 second penalty for wrecking 3 cars" "What! Why?! I should be the only car on the track! Why are these other cars even racing! Uugh ruining the sport I tell you" lol

sogerc1 says:

I mean seriously, the silver arrows should've just given some space to Max, so he could win.

Yatin Alkatiri says:

"He could have easily waited for me to come back on the track"

Max, it's called racing, not try to foking some pussie…

Anas says:

2:59 If he would not have gone for that gao he could easily overtake verstappen at the straight and maybe catch up to lewis….

harshlens says:

Vertappen piece of shit…. "he could have waited for me"… oh yes Nancy… he's going to stop the car and wait that you go back on the track because of your mistake, fucking idiot.

Magnussen being a bitch and trying to take out Leclerc after the crash…

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