Stage 3 Breast Cancer

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After my second chemo therapy session I started having my first symptom. my hair started to fall out. I decided to shave it and record this moment to share so people can see first hand how emotional this can be. God bless everyone for watching.


A Lo says:

Ur amazing women god bless u n ur baby hun n u have a great supporter n u look beautiful

Romina Mikell says:

OMG you make cry

Rhondavas1977 says:

You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL with or without hair. I pray to God he heals you so you can give your testimony to others. You already are a inspiration to everyone!

Lara Martinez says:

You are beautiful inside and out nobody can ever take that!!

Amanda johnson Amanda johnson says:

I saw your video on fb, I just had to say… that video is so sad. I hope you are doing better now. My heart seriously goes out to you girl. You are tough! And your baby is beautiful!

catalin dobra says:

You a r a strong mom

Bridget Richardson says:

Your hair doesn't define you, your strength and courage does. You are beautiful, inside and out!

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