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MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Morning Joe With Joe & Mika 8AM 10/09/18 – MSNBC News Today Oct 09,18 ✔

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Anita Henson says:

This segment about the youth vote is very much in point. I have found during the year that older voters are not in tuned to what's going on in Washington political three ring circus either.

Tom Jones says:

liberalism is dying. thank you potus trump.

chris osle says:

Proven innocent? NO HE WASN'T!! YOU did a crap job of an investigation!! I'm so damned sick of you, Trump, you make me sick!!!!!!!

dabjlb says:

Trump is winning!!!!! If you're tired of winning vote for the con artists Dems.

Tom Koller says:

What an amazing con. If the nation survives this con, it will make for some good movies in the future. Who could have guessed that so many fellow Americans would turn out to be tacky rubes. Trump really can shoot someone and still be supported. It's a cult, with all the ignorance and delusion that goes with that.

Martin mc keever says:

really are the American people that stupid to agree or even listen to Mr Trumps words… my lord what has happened to making America great again…???? more like make American dumber than it already is for putting up with a lying deceitful, corrupt sorry for your embarrassment of a leader USA..

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