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LYME DISEASE SYMPTOMS | MY LYME DISEASE STORY | I was a healthy 30-year-old woman, and these were the first signs and symptoms of my Lyme Disease journey. Subscribe to my channel for more videos! (More info below!) … the BEST Lyme resource! … Here’s the free documentary I mentioned in the video!

I love making YouTube videos for women with ALL of the topics that I love – Christian devotionals for women, fashion and beauty tips, encouragement for moms, marriage advice, lifestyle & cooking, growing your relationship with Jesus, and discovering how to live a balanced life while taking care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit! Welcome to the community! 🙂

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Kimberly Miller says:

Thank you for posting your Lyme video. It’s so nice not to feel alone or like I’m going crazy. I just received a positive Lyme diagnosis about 3 weeks ago. I’m on doxycycline now but don’t feel comfortable with it. I just bought Dr. Darin Ingals book the Lyme solution and he talks a lot about Chinese herbs. Has this been part of your healing process? I also signed up to find a dr in my area on the ILADS website.

Julie Thomas says:

I got bit Sunday on my stomach. I thought it was a spider bite but now the rash is turning like the pics for Bullseye but not as much circular white in the middle. Arggg… That’s me screaming. Should I go to the doctor? Can they do anything at this point? Thanks!

CherryBombMom says:

Can you make a video on you're treatment? Thanks 🙂

pjmrees says:

I'm in SC and have Lyme. Fought for over a year and a half with doctors and had to get tested out of pocket because it "doesn't exist in the south" which is BS. I had to go out of state to get diagnosed.

Steffa Bennett says:

This is such a scary disease. Just doing yard work or a walk outside — yikes! One of those little buggers can so easily attach. Glad you are feeling better.

Steffa Bennett says:

Thank you for sharing!

Bill Thompson says:

I have struggled with Lyme and co-infections for several years. I'm so sorry you have also struggled with this. Thank you SO MUCH for putting this out there and helping raise awareness!!! For me, the drenching night sweats were Babesia, a nasty co-infection similar to malaria.

kimbers 123 says:

I know my mom has Lyme disease but she can't get a diagnosis. She has all the symptoms including bullseye's.

alicekatie726 says:

Hi thank you for sharing. I recently got diagnosed after having symptoms for 3/4 years. I have no idea how to start to get better. I would like any advice on how to start to try to get better! Thank you!

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