Joint Press Statement by PM Modi & Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi held joint press statement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 5, 2018


Manish Bansi says:

Love you russia

kap20000 says:

I wonder how Modiji touch various subjects without going into figures & not looking at written speech. Putin was reading written speech with giving targeted figures.

Kashmiri Apple says:

Modi and Putin are two global leaders who can bring more peace and stability in the world.


What happened to kamhov heli?

Krishna Joy says:

Excellent agreement…..

Dr.Santosh Rathod says:

भारत – रशिया दोस्ती.. जींदाबाद….

mahesh padurang more says:

Pm modi is very great leader of india after Patel and shasatriji

LKS International says:

Welcome to the world leaders in India thank you sir

Congloi 10041977 Duong says:

Minh mong ina ….va russia….luon hop tac quoc phong voi nhau….dung nghe bon cho usa

sukhdev rawat rawat says:

Very good sir aur sir ye pakistani premi ko ravish kumar aur abhisar sharma ko pakistan bhej do jo kahte hain pm chor hai emrankhan ka gun gate hain

Ashwin Wazat says:

It is just pure economics no friendship runs the country and so as world diplomacy….russia has not given anything free and if it wud be of friendship, putin wud not have given s400 to china….

pp1351989 says:

I love our modi appa….

htgajjar says:

Russia is Time Tested Friend of India. Russia always stood with India when all Western countries were against India.

Peter Moore says:

Modiji is great. He is developing India and Strengthening the Military. Shame on Congress for always attacking him! He is the best leader for India today and for years to come.

Bhaddiya Bhikkhu says:

We have not found any great & loyal friend like Russia in the history of India. Thanks Russia thanks Putin for true friendship with India.

Johan Male says:

Pakistan is the enamey of India

vulture tribe says:

lol Russia sold s400 to China in 2016…what u guys talking about friendship? Russian wud not sell to China if they were ur friends… Russia is friend of money n own interest.. if today pak can pay 5billion..they would sell s400 to pak too.. only fools talks about friendship.. putin didn't even criticise pak in press conference.. in fact he defended Pak… you can't fool putin.. he's. not trump… nobody if friend of anyone.. its all about the money.. India shud heal relationship with neighbours.. rather than making enemies

ashok singh says:

Narendra Modi jindabad

ravi patel says:


Joshua Knight says:

Fuck India make china u.s. and Pakistan become allies again start back helping Pakistan again

Partha Mukherjee says:

Mr. Putin, you are always welcome to India by heart, feel like your second home sir, Indo – Russian friendship is the example of this polarised world, we will and always recognised a all weather friend in all aspects and in every scenario. Hail to our long live friendship..

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