How worried should the West be about China? – BBC News

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How nervous should the West be about China?

The vast nation is pouring money into Africa, taking over reefs in the disputed South China Sea, and engaging in a trade war with the US, raising Western concerns that a more assertive China could alter the power balance on the world stage.

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson has been reporting from China for 30 years. He returns to find fashion shoots, a driverless bus, and growing authoritarianism, as he explores whether China is a friend, foe or rival of Western countries.

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examplerkey says:

David why travel half way around the world to criticize China, while you can do it right here in your home country? Starting with Diana would be a good choice. Brexit wouldn't be bad either. If you really want go for the off shore tax havens hahahaha I bet you won't!

y jimmy says:

Let me tell you the truth: Get used to it.

Alistair Milner says:

when are people going to stop worshipping trade, and bowing down to trade, its bull shite..

Kamal Hans says:

Is this the best that the BBC can do? Or is it too scared to be more honest in its answer?
China is a like a Boa constrictor; in the guise of helping, it enters countries & squeezes them into submission thru bribes/subversion/threats/debt traps.
And it has no respect for international law.
The world needs to wake up to the urgent need to counter & contain China.

Tom Shi says:

China is only country who raising power without Colonization and plunder other countries. Western countries shouldn’t pointing the dirty finger at China.

Carrol Jewel says:

so sad what some people believe.

Justin Rich says:

id recommend anyone want the scoop on China and all the crap they do please watch China Uncensored , they provide facts and are very well informed. What your seeing is a propaganda piece

ARSHAN Soleymanian Far says:

LONG LIVE THE People's Republic of China from Iran

gerard henry says:

the west have millions of chinese here we are educating them and showing them how we do things they go back to china with the new skills they learnt and undercut us on ebery level.we are educating our industerial enemies

E Hold says:

The West should have annihilated those backstabbing pieces of shit after the Korean war.

Vincent Valentine says:

It appears China is the new Boogeyman for the West. Filling the vacuum left from the Soviet era as it's remnant descend deeper into it's unavoidable grave. Something which Putin seems hell bent on preventing. Unfortunately for him though it's as unavoidable as are the attempts to halt the effects of climate change in the Atlantic. But all this isn't surprising if you're aware of Chinese immense capabilities ranging from wealth to military prowess, even so far as to possessing the ability to exert it's ancient and historic culture.

Partly Cloudy says:

b-but… what… what about the SOCIAL CREDIT system?! ?! ?!?!

Epsilon Jay ɛɈ says:

Should the world be worried about China? Yes, but The world should be worried about China supporting dictatorships in Africa and spreading dictatorship. If China wants to help other Nations, they can do that, they should just support democratic governments in those Nations. China probably should be a democracy itself, and should stop oppressing the Uyghurs.

taewiao says:

You been coming to China since 1840. Did you forget to bring Opium with you? or mayybe loot some Royal palace? or maybe ship some slaves to somewhere. when are you going to make a history about yourself in the last two hundreds years.

Looking Owl says:

So when Europe and the US were dominating the world economy after benefiting from colonialism and imperialism for centuries, no western viewpoints seemed bothered. Now that Asia and Africa are rising and employing some of the same tactics used by the West for global dominance omg such a travesty! Money doesn't care whether your "supposed" to be a first world country or not, it collects naturally where value is being generated. So should the West be worried? Um yeah, not because the the East is on an upward trajectory, but because the West's growth is stagnating.

sam lebon says:

For fucks sake why are they working on driver-less vehicles when they have an 'unlimited' supply of drivers. They could even put two or more drivers per bus or truck.

Wooster says:

If the west can't compete with China, then it will have to step aside.

islander pei says:

noooooooooooo, u shut up Baidu. ur a nasty and disrepute government controlled censoring tool, ur nothing but liers. F*ck u Baidu, and if Google has a deal with the Chinese government to offer another censored search engine, then F*ck u Google.

YouTubex says:

When the West invaded and plundered other regions of the world for centuries, the West was not worried.

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