Zoology @ Majestic Sessions w/drums

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Performing their song ‘100°’

Check out Zoology here: https://www.facebook.com/ZoologyBand

Check out Majestic Casual here: https://www.youtube.com/user/majesticcasual

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Vater 8A sticks
Yamaha Rydeen drums (20, 10, 14)
Supernova Helion Snare 14″
Sabian HHX Legacy Hats 14″
Dream Dark Matter Ride 22″


David Dockery says:

Your comments mean a lot thanks ❤️

Lautaro Romero says:

Wow, incredible, I like the rythm

Minstler says:

The wear on your snare head shows so much ❤️

Natinat says:

SOOOOO GOOD. THANK YOU. (Greetings from Switzerland)

Jasmin Jane says:

love this so muchhh!!!!
Wish it was on spotify

Carter Mize says:

We love and stan your hertas

Adam Saah says:

what hi hats do you have on your kit?

Manny Perez says:

bet you won't do Fly High from Haikyuu

sixstringalchemist says:

Nasty…wow. Great music. I mean the drumming. Great music coming from you. Them too…but dis your video

Alex Nute says:

You added a ridiculous amount of passion to this already breathtaking song. I'm blown away.

Somphorn Nambut says:

Speed up 1.25 it smooth. 😀

Parkalark says:

This is too good… I'm not sure it's fair that something is this good. The song is already amazing but David, you're killing it

Blaver says:

You need to tour with them

Jilani Bongaros says:

ang galing mo magdrums tol

boingo mendoza says:

Very good man. Good example of a musician listening to the music that they're playing.

Michael Acquaviva says:

Instantly into it. This is some good music right here. You nailed the feel of the song perfectly.

Jake Michael says:

God damn. All I can say

PassiveAggressive says:

When I first heard that song I know that someone would come up with a great drum track to that. That’s you sir – dope work!

Zac Kennedy says:

Really really dope

Stupor says:

I want this version of this song

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