Top 5 Web Design Mistakes | Design Mistakes I Have Made A Lot

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In today’s video I talk about the top five most common mistakes made when designing a website. Designing websites is hard, and takes a lot of practice to get it right. If you’re anything like me you’ve made plenty of mistakes while designing websites. I think it’s important to Point out common mistakes so we can transition those mistakes into success. In the video I talk about common mistakes, show examples of what I’m talking about, and propose some remedies for those mistakes.

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Top five web design mistakes:
1. Poor readability and legibility
2. Messy content layout
3. Bad navigation
4. Inconsistent Design
5. Too many animations


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Cristian Tsurcanu says:

Jesse, great approach to website usability. Steve Krug lays them detailed. Thanks for sharing

Joe Yates says:

Great words – It'd be great if you update this with more examples – too much talking head. Overall – great advice.

MikeyMike says:

Funeral Home comment… almost fell off my chair laughing. Touché Jesse!
Good Advice. Really liking the videos. You are extremely engaging and have a great pace to keep a viewers attention. You were made for television man!

David Karuma says:

Animations!!!! guilty as charged

Mark Cabangon says:

I’m guilty!! Thanks for this! Really enjoying your vids. Really helping me.

misswillowsmiles says:

At 2:59 does it say, "Bad Navifation" . . . ? Proofreading is always useful.

Forever says:

Please check my wabsite and tell me what type of mistakes I do in my website

raventhorX says:

Would be nice to get some examples of website that do these things and counter examples of ones that use just the right amount.

SupBRA says:

good video thank you!

ROMANTIC SCENTS (Bath ♥ Body ♥ Soaps) says:

good advice

Jeremy R. says:

Just hit subscribe! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You explained it very well!

Alex Castillo says:

I like the variety of your vids, just subscribed and I'm learning good stuff from you. thanks

Luis Villamil Santa Cruz says:

Greate content! thanks

Jenny Mellow-yellow says:

Some truly good points! Thanks!

Vitalii Riskal says:

Hi, I would like to know whether you can tell about smart combining colors in web-design? Is it as in general or does it have any extra features to know, or dependcies from the UX? Thank you in advance

trapped cat says:

We can all learn a little something from 🙂

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