How to Make an Android App for Beginners

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Android development can be a great way to turn your idea into reality or start a promising career as an app developer… and getting started is probably easier than you think.

These days Android Development is done with a tool called Android Studio. Android Studio is kind of like the Microsoft Word of writing Android apps; it helps organize our projects and gives us a user friendly way to create what we’re looking for.

In this video we’ll walk through installing Android Studio and then make an app. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with Android or even programming in general; as long as you follow along we’ll all end up at the same place.

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TAG says:

I am a beginner in app making and web development, i Want to make a music streaming and downloading app and i would like to know as i have wondered in terms of big websites like spotify, soundcloud and tidal like as in where do they access all these songs and music from exactly like how do they get a hold of all those let me say 40 million music library and another example is like mp3juices like almost every song is there too just that it is more of a song downloading website. Please help me out please share the knowledge. Thank you all for everything, looking forward to hearing from you.

Double Trouble says:

"Val, is a variable that doesn't change."

Metrey Yuon says:

I love your video so much. I never saw it before. You can teach me how to make more other apps code .

Desert Dog Carter says:

Is This free or a trial

IslamiC SonG says:

your voice is nice

shady mohsen says:

Amazing tutorial. Thanks a lot.

DiNOo Gaming says:

wow!! making app is much easeir thank i though i ma a fullstack web devolper and trying to start building apps

Prince Agnihotri says:

I am trying to make an video player but when I am importing a mp4 file in android studio ,,,one error occurs,i.e.File encoded in the wrong format,, how to make it corrrect,,.

Programming Carrot says:

Treehouse Is there a way to build mobile apps via the “Visual Basic” programming language? I don’t feel like learning the entire JavaScript language for a stupid little program for a friend…

Tech Admin says:

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And practise without computer or laptop

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App name is Compiler Engine
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Kimberly Zamora says:

Sorry but is this Kotlin you are using? Anyways, I followed everything and just alter some however I am having an error when I tried to add the 'seekBar.progress'. Help please!

Aishwarya bankar says:

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Jacob Alexander says:

this voice will haunt me in my sleep.

Grumm Pyro says:

alla who seekbar!

#123# 000# says:

Can I create android apps without laptop or pc?

Robin Hood says:

awesome super explanation, nothing better than this, thanks a lot

Maddison Perkins says:

Creepy dude

hamza imam says:

Bro you shouldve used java why kotlin?

Samuel Karl says:

Is it just me or is Android Studio 3.1.4 FULL of bugs? It´s not really usable to me

Lil idiot says:

Nice woman voice !

Lawak Tah Pape says:

its trial or free?

RiQ - UR Class says:

Can you help me out ?
I am using windows .
I am unemployed & don't know how to get start app development .
Once I get started I will pay the cost for teaching me .
It time to show some kindness . Pls … A request !


wishing you all the best. Thanks. A RamprasadReddy

koushal army says:

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Ismail Amiri says:

At 5:50 you drag out a button, when i tried it wouldt work why is that the case?

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