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Another great question answered. FAT LOSS with INTERMITTENT FASTING DIET! An Expert Advice. What is intermittent fasting diet, how does it work. We will go in depth into this topic of fat loss with Intermittent fasting diet. How does Intermittent fasting diet work? What type of diet is this? What different forms are there? We explain the different forms and types of intermittent fasting diet. How much to eat for intermittent fasting diet, when should you eat during intermittent fasting diet. How many different types are there, what are their names and how do they work? What can you eat during the fast, What can you not eat during the fast. When do you workout when you are on Intermittent Fasting diet. Where does water come into this intermittent fasting diet, when should you be drinking the water and how much water should you be drinking? What does intermittent fasting diet do to your body? What type of weight loss are there? What type of weight does intermittent fasting make you lose? How many calories are you taking for intermittent fasting diet? How much should my macro count be for the diet? How many calories should women eat? How many calories should men eat? How much macro count for men and how much for women? What happens to your metabolism during the diet? What is a more common type of intermittent fasting? Should you do weight training or cardio during intermittent fasting?

A fully comprehensive answer to very common questions asked daily. What is Fat LOSS intermittent Fasting, how to follow its diet and what to do when during Fat loss intermittent Fasting diet. We answer so many questions that it will leave you satisfied. BEST VIDEO to answer your question.

Check out this video and find all about Fat Loss with intermittent fasting diet and how to follow it. All answered in this video. If you have any more questions you want answered ask us in the comments below.

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Sarah Akram Shaikh says:

please make a video on GM diet

Priyabrata Sinha says:

Pa ji ne intermittent ke piche important reason nahi bataya..

Amarjeet Singh says:

Sunny bai tusi pakistan to ho?

Shabina Khan says:

I am waiting for ur reply !!!!

Shabina Khan says:

Sunny paaji mera weight 92kg hai meri height 5.7 aur age 30 years hai …. i want to follow 8 / 16 plan
So plz give me a proper diet plan according to my criteria

Aishwarya Raj says:

Saale why you are calling ppl illiterate?

Sbaab Sbaab says:

really like u

Satish Agarwal says:

Sir mera wait 59 kg h meri hight 5.2 h meri aeg 24 h mera wait kitna hona chaiye shi m

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