2018 Russian Grand Prix: Qualifying Reaction

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Saturday provided surprises and late drama at Sochi. Join the drivers as they reflect on qualifying and look ahead to race day in Russia…

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Ben Hollis says:

Man it's good to hear from Daniel Ric again!

Firemarioflower says:

I had to rewind 5 times to actually comprehend what Perez said

Garreth Maudys says:

Where's radios team ?

raceboy55 says:

Bottas not so smiley after race such after quali.. damn

Gasgano says:

Hulk is fed up and I'm with him. Many talk about how Ferrari lost in comparison to Merc but Renault lost to EVERYONE of the privateers in the midfield. At this rate they will be 6th again, it's a shame. They did snooze and they will lose.

amazona4 sf gr says:

Why vettel you lose in the win

Francisco Nattario says:

Mercedes, Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, tatical, race , final result, F1… SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME …

nothing isnt As it seem says:

I’ll be dam, I’m 50 years old and I never saw f1 pass, today ? I saw an inkling of what f1 is supposed to be!dam !that take a line a commit to it rule (started to be enforced seriously recently) dam that rule enforcement might actually save f1 !seeing vettel and Hamilton pass cleanly in race mode? HELL YA GOOD JOB F1! From now on :that s how you make pass in f1 happen !it won’t fix unfixable track but you can always send team owner to race on those track (miscievious grin)

David Goliath says:

Yeah it really sucks but its not like we didnt all know it was coming so stop the crying already Ferrari fan boys. By the way Hamilton is not the boss of Mercedes. xD

david cox says:

Hamilton such a cunt !! he a such patronising cunt !!

dnSLmo says:

Was that a bead of sweat on Kimi's ice cold head?!?!?

Metalgear SolidSnake says:

yes Magnussen pole position, but you will screw it in the race….

Mark waghorne says:

I think sebs head is thinking it’s over but tbh a major f1 fan seb needs to win even if he Finsh 2nd and Lewis 3rd not enough

slavmart says:

Q2 confirms how stupid the rules are.

eric131313 says:

Borefest One lol Hopefully Leclerc will save Ferrari next year …

Peak Racer says:

Fuck Hamilton,I want Bottas to win.

Lee Jack says:

kimi spoke for a good 5 secconds

New World says:

Prediction for the race: Hamilton overtakes Bottas Lap 1, Bottas job is to block Vettel. End

Mungo Jerry says:

LeClerc = Future Sebastien Loeb of F1.

sodium chloride says:

Cyka blyat pls win tomorrow Bottas

Shikhar Gupta says:

Can't you guys please just provide some English captions for people like me who don't have a English tongue ?

P. S. – I am 13.

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