A Day in My Life as a Freelance Graphic Designer

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I wanted to try something different for this video and share what my day is like as a freelance graphic designer working from home.

Every day is a bit different, but hopefully you find this glimpse into how I work interesting.

It was fun to record and not get hung up on lighting or scripts. Let me know if you enjoyed this video!

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Brent Galloway says:

I challenged myself to pick up the camera and record something. This video is raw and far from being perfectly shot, but I had a lot of fun creating it. Let me know if you enjoyed this and what you found most interesting!

Nicole Peaslee says:

You're my dream guy/ideal business partner.

joe T says:

all I can say is thank you for not doing the 'I just woke up fake yawn bit'.

Orlando Marvin says:

I’m a brand new viewer. Is there some tutorial on how to start. Completely from scratch. I’m thinking of starting my freelance job.

Sabrina Summers Graphic Designer says:

Awesome video! I would've never thought to use the outside elements for a distressed look. I would've just went to my brushes XD. So I thank you for teaching me a new design technique. I don't know if you made a video about this, but how did you get into freelancing?

Pedro Henryss says:

wow great stuff! you have on more sub, sir.

Lee Wilderspin says:

Keep posting Brent. You do have followers on here :D! Great video. Keep it up mate.

Dark Mightycorgi says:

This video is awesome!

Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge says:

How did I miss this the day it came out?! This was a really awesome video man, I loved your distressing technique, and your efficiency! I wish I could work as fast and effectively as you. That board and the animation cel are so awesome. Looking forward to more!

Kai Kitson says:

Hey Brent. Would you be willing to make shorter daily sketch videos? Like a minute or two long?

Gavin Boothe says:

This video was awesome. It is so helpful to see how another designer works, plans, and lays out their day. As well as how much time is spent on individual projects and just how to balance it all. Just seeing how you do things gave me a lot of ideas on how I can work better, and motivates me to get crap done. Thanks man.

Gavin Boothe says:

Damn. The new mac keyboard and mouse be sessy! Haha. I have the same Envy printer, great little printer.

Nathan Duarte says:

Brooooo you're working with John Crist? That's freaking awesome!

ronald perez says:

Great video! I can't wait to see the next one.

Subarashii says:

This a well made video. Love seeing your process

AtaMotion says:

It was great to watch your day, I found it really relatable 😀 And loved the part when you smashed the logo, I guess it's a good way to let out frustration perhaps, or anger built up from interacting with clients from hell and also at the end you get a really cool texture 😀

Jeremiahs Orellana says:

Love the day in the life video please keep uploading I want more!

Walter Deyo says:

Dude, that distressing technique is something I never thought to do. I'm totally going to use this when applicable! Thanks for the video.

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