Why President Donald Trump Didn’t Take On Putin & Russia In His U.N. Speech | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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With the fall midterms just around the corner, Daily Beast foreign editor Christopher Dickey lays out his reasoning for why Trump failed to take on Putin & Russia over election meddling in his United Nations speech.
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Why President Donald Trump Didn’t Take On Putin & Russia In His U.N. Speech | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Vlad Pufagtinenko says:

Terrorist Putin bought off Trump years ago.

Gary Bell says:


Serge Pajcin says:

Why he should be anyway everything is fabricated

A A says:

This is Putin pushing his agenda again thru trump. Russia has been cozying up to China with big trade and alignment of foreign policies this past year. Trump passing tariffs on everything but his made-in-China trump clothing is going to cost us in trade and inflation within the next yr, and with our biggest lender of our ever increasing national debt. Takes focus away from known Russian past and present election meddling, and gives trump the excuse that the elections were rigged “against him” in the upcoming congressional races when dems take back house and senate. Russia gets closer ally in China, Russia gets focus shifted to China regarding election meddling, US economy starts to fall, Russia becomes a larger world power player with allies NOT in NATO. Thanks, Trump, for screwing us over.

Truong Nguyen says:

I wish the puppet said at the helsinky to his maker POOP-tin

Женте Альемпигири says:

Сравнивать это с 11 сентября вот это преступление! Манипулирование людьми через эмоциональное! Использование 11 сентября для своих политических конъюнктурных выгод разве не это подрыв демократии, ведь насколько нужно не уважать людей, чтобы ими так нагло пользоваться и использовать?

Can Youguess says:

Traitor in chief at it again.

Death To Ming! says:

Thank you! Been saying that for a long time now. Traitor Trump! The Illegitimate President!

GreenOlivia says:

Because Russia has nothing to do with it. They don't care.

Michael Draheim says:

Trump colluded, putin owns trump

AllisonEMurphydotcom FreelanceWriter says:

After listening today at the UN about China trying to interfere in the elections I just though, If Pelosi said, “China, if you are listening…” like Dump said to the Russians, people would be yelling to get Pelosi hung like a traitor. That’s what Dump is, a traitor.

Gall Clap says:

Yeah, I thought they were going to cry laughing!!!

tcr333 says:

Israel has interfered in every US election for decades.

The Blackcollar says:

Paper ballots

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