Skripal poisoning suspect identified: “Putin leaves traces everywhere”

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The Wedge says:

Traces?? by traces do u mean regular joes walking around and getting filmed by CCTV cameras??? wowwwww traces hahah

andrewgetwin says:

Russia's special agents simply loosers.

Chongyee Yap says:

Bloody nonsense! Lying without any shame even when we know he is lying; I mean the British guy on the show.

Eusunt Dac says:

Putin's ego got hurt when the USSR fell apart. His ego continued to get flustered when countries like Romania accepted the American "defense missile shield". He couldn't accept Ukraine moving away from the Soviet ideology and he sent his soldiers in. Bottom line is: Putin never accepted that the USSR desintegrated, losing the Cold War and now he's trying to get back at the West.

ZP ZAP says:

Keep masturbating and spewing your toxic NWO jiz into the face of Humanity…

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