Trump: Next North Korea summit will happen soon

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President Donald Trump says he is looking forward to the next meeting between the US and North Korea, which he says will happen “in the not-too-distant future.”


Quick Mafs says:

Obama destroyed American with multiculturalism & PC!

Bro Spec says:

Lets hope its not as big a failure as the previous summit. Kim played Trump for a sucker

Tim P says:


carolyn carter says:

This man always goes back to the economy……here we go again with the huge pat on his back by himself.  Please, give us a break!!!  Stop with the lies about companies moving back to the US, because as of today, none have moved back.  Thank God for fact checker.

edgar pierre says:

North Korea cucked trump.
Trump is as dirty and corrupt as the Russians

ww5777 says:

anyway cavanough will be confirmed this week, the wack job left like finstein booker and that frankenstein from connecticut bloomingthalwill look foolish like the rest of you

The Fibler says:

YAWN! Just another photo-opt. No substance. No results.

bob England says:

Two dictators meeting each other

7.62x51 says:

Thank you Mr. President! You're doing a great job!

John O says:

End the insanity. VOTE for real leadership!!

Antonio S says:

CNN ratings down 41% since a year ago lol

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

Please, don't read my username!

Tim Kang Kimball Cho says:

What a total Retard!

MoMo Lin says:

why can't he stop talking from the hole.

ATS_ says:

what flag is behind him?

Dan Wipper says:

Best President Ever! Trump 2020!

Danny v says:

He is such an inspiration, he has the colossal leftist media and the Obama deep state that has destroyed so many innocent lives ,after him for 2 years and he still manages to win

Hideki Tojo says:

no matter what trump does whether good or bad, CNN and the result of brainwashed masses will hate him

Elizabeth OMalley says:

What an asshole.

Middle Man says:

The President..Donald J Trump..

Thomas Smith says:

Just because Trump says it, that doesn't mean it's true

Thomas Smith says:

Wow…if Obama met with North Korea, Republicans would have called him a traitor

I Was Sent From the Future says:

Trump trying to get credit after South Korea fixed his mess

Edgar Cardenas says:

$##$santa barbara sb ca 805 usa governer tony stark iron man battery heart radio police $##$ 007

Anansi Anansi says:

"I want those condos!", yelled Trump.

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