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“Our latest Formula 1 2018 feature on Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda.

Since the dawn of the inaugural Formula 1 World Championship in 1950, drivers from 40 different nations have started a Grand Prix.

But, Russian drivers have only been on the F1 grid since 2010, with just three so far – and none of their careers overlapping. Watch the video, and tell us what you think in the comments…

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RB Toro Rosso missed the Russian Oligarch $$$$. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Derek Denton says:

Fantastic to see him back

LensLoelsberg says:

Kvyat has a lot of talent! I expect big things from him in 2019!

Nexu Jin says:

Seems like Torro Rosso has soften up. First they gave Hartley a 2nd chance by giving him a seat for 2018. Now they are giving Kvyat also a 2nd chance for 2019. But the question is: can they perform under that kind of pressure? So far Hartley hardly impressed (all phun intended). His run of misfortune and not able to make a huge difference on the track and getting outshined by Gasly which resulting into the latter so deservingly get promoted.
Tho as a F1 fan, i can't wait to see it being 100% confirmed and see how he does on the track in 2019 compared to his past. Has he learned anything and become a better driver than he was? Time will tell..

Jean .valjean says:

kvyat got no pride
i would had never accepted had i been him … after the way redbull treated him i would had publicly told them to fuck off

Papa Pumphrey says:

The Toro(Rosso)pedo

doedelzak says:

Well that is good news, he just has to fuck up again and Verstappen will win again

evilstricker 619 says:

Russian F1 drivers are shit

Infidel Gastro says:

It's a good thing that Stalin's and Lenin's respective reigns have long since come to an end otherwise those three drivers would've found their butts in a Russian Gulag if they hadn't.

Russian Отдыхашен says:

So happy for you, Даня! Stay focused!Good luck!!!!

KryzMasta says:

Kvyat. KVYAT. K-V-Y-A-T!!! Not Kyviat, Keeviat, Keyveead, Kivyat, or whatever the hell you guys are saying. How many vowels? Two! And what’s the max amount of syllables created with two vowels, normally? TWO!!! Kvy-at. KVEE-AT! Jesus Christ.

Mr Wings says:

Let’s be honest there’s no way sirotkin deserves a seat next year, he didn’t deserve it this year and he definitely doesn’t in the future

Chris A says:

This is a good kid, who is a great driver…Go Danny !!

Freezer says:

KVYAT > hartley .

xRhadamanthX x says:

would be nice if he recovered from his slump in 16/17 and gets back to his performance from 2015.

Luke Fraser says:

He’s not good enough

Alex Parent says:

Kvyat is one of my favorite drivers. And although very unlikely, I’d like to see a LEC & KVY team for Ferrari.

Paxoification says:

Please! NOT Markelov! NOOOOOO! 5 years in gp2/formula2 without any kind of progress…


For sure Russia should Putin more money for driver success obviously.

AutoSherlock says:

I wanted to see Vettel in Sauber and Hamilton in Williams,

Simpson Sharing says:

Marussia comeback sponsored by Putin money

Kuba Klimowicz says:

Kvyat in, ok
but sirotkin out

ThatGuyInTheComments says:

Hope he makes a good impression next year.

nischal4444 says:

appreciate Toro rosso efforts in grooming young and promising talent..

Juan Velez says:


Duffman15000 says:

The torpedo has become a boomerang!

Clutchyfinger says:

Just shows how deep active measures go comrade.

Death Mask TV says:

Actually KVY is a pretty good driver, with a pretty bad luck. So good luck Dany!

Winger123 Plays says:

Let’s hope kvyat does better

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