NOW Is The Time To Start Buying Bitcoin [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Opinion]

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Watch this video! Find out why I am buying bitcoin!

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Bitcoin ‘Seller Fatigue’ Means Market Has Bottomed, Michael Novogratz Tells Yahoo


Is Bakkt the ‘Killer App’ for Bitcoin and Crypto?

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Altcoin Daily says:

This is just my opinion. NOT financial advice. YOU have to make your own decision. Are you buying?

laken marion says:

are you a beginner ?? looking to start earning on bitcoin in no time, Mr BTCKYLE has the fastest miner as for now

Alfredo Moreno says:

The bear market will continue for another year and half going sideways for sometime accumulate

Darren Weatherall says:

I'm really bullish on bakkt as far as new money entering the market. I'm a little skeptical of the centralized market taking over, but if I get to line my pockets I guess I can live with it.

vinicius demuth says:

Grow your bitcoins with this website before the big boom!!!

jared flynn says:

IF you love blockchain and adoption you will love this.
blockchain baseball trading and collecting game. I'm loving it, got me back into baseball. check it out

Chris Wilson says:

Bitcoin is barely holding on. Please don't waste your money in this retarded market. People keep thinking this market will behave like the real stock market. Not the case lol

Reg Alphonse says:

I just took your financial advice and just mortgaged the house

TheReactor8 says:

You are not an early "investor" bitcoin exist already many years. Early in this world is the first 2-3 years. Take internet it started in 1995, investable internet started in 1996, the time to sell was in 2000. Just cut the crap. If you take the usage/acceptence of bitcoin and you chart it out you get a value at best 4000$.
Even that currently ownership of bitcoin has 1.6% of the number of owners own 95% of all bitcoins. The other 98,4% (you guys) with little ownership are being played.
As long as bitcoin only depend on new money it is a PONZI SCHEME. Financial institutions never ever will enter bitcoin investments. They know fundamentals, and fundamentals (usage/acceptance) is trending badly for bitcoin.

Edwin Juarez says:

Add me on Instagram, juarezeo crypto everything, motivation, and knowledge.

edit name says:

Tone Vays had some intresting things to say about Mike and how hes bias with his opinion.

He is still holding Bitcoin since 19k for his customers, if anything he wants a bottom and if it went below 6k he would be forced to sell, and loose a lot of business.

Tone also mentioned that there are reports of this, so it cant be made up…MIke has lost 300 Million in this bear market of other peoples money

Bitcoin Datadash says:

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AussieAsch says:

Some of the crazy gains recently such as VIBE and NAV were due to monster pumps, this is the group responsible:

Yana Клепова says:

I like OmiseGo (OMG) token very much) Now holders of this token can got bonus free of cost on

shahid hamid says:

Now is the time to buy , if you keep harping on that yesteryear was the time to buy or its too late now then stay out . My brother reminds me daily that I should have got in 5 years ago like a broken record , finally told him to fuck off and lets have this conversation in 5 years time.

Peter Leszek says:

since this video has been made, the majority of the market is in the red! ether sitting under 214.00 and going further down.

Riaan Stols says:

This is the channel that praised people for #HODL ing trough the crash…. This time we get buy now no chart TA just buy now…lol

Dogecoin Lotto says:

Great informative video

Dr. Ho Lee Phuk says:

Absolutely not a good time to buy Bitcoin. This is terrible advice. We're going below $6,000 (and maybe below $5,000) in the coming weeks into October and November. Then maybe a bull run from early next year.

TheRoadAhead says:

Ive heard this all year.

Storm Trooper says:

Now is not the time to buy lol

Pawel Knebloch says:

I will buy Bitcoin once it is at 4k and not listen to some weirdos on YouTube

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