Donald Trump On North Korea: Rockets ‘No Longer Flying In Every Direction’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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President Donald Trump in his United Nations General Assembly praised the warming of relations between the United States and North Korea saying “rockets are no longer flying in every direction.
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Donald Trump On North Korea: Rockets ‘No Longer Flying In Every Direction’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Eugene Lee says:

traitor Trump thank Dictator Kim for fooling America, now Kim know full well that he has Trump in his Pocket, Putin is not going to be happy that he has to Share Trump with another Kim,

Trump is so screwed, Republican is so screwed

And America will be screwed if we do not vote Republican Party out in Nov

From a Conservative

blizzard chilled says:

Orange embecil.

Ricky Marasigan says:

Well, NK is done testing their ICBMs. They know they work now so they're not going to test them. They have their deterrent and now we're stuck.

wandering spirit says:

If Obama were still POTUS, there would have been NO Summit, NOKO missiles would still be flying over our
allies and three American hostages would still be rotting in a NOKO prison. FACT
Liberals cannot handle the truth.

Zoran Cosic says:

Baboon u will end up in Kim's zoo!

Starsurfer74 says:

North Korea has more nukes now than before the summit, but that fact doesn't fit in this idiots alternative reality…
Why is this moron (still) in the White House??? When is enough enough? When he starts a nuclear war??

Mιƈԋαҽʅ. {Scp 106-2, Haruki} says:

Kim Jong Un only denies his people access to the rest of the world, he LIES about America to the N. Korean youth & The adults. He doesn't want them to know that America is more powerful than them. He wants his people to think that he is god. Someday North Korea will fall, and the country will open, and the atrocities that are being committed there will stop.

Petra josip says:

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Blah Blah Blah Blah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm smoking some primo & laughing at Dumbo Donald the Clown, Ha ha ha ha ha! He's hilarious & a riot.

Michael Draheim says:

The insane colluder has fixed the world, and they still laugh at him.

Tessmage Tessera says:

What a shameless self-promoter.

Queen Tron says:

Trump I thought you didn't like people who got caught? omg lying and contradictory everyday!!!

Rocket Power says:

Get cancer trump.

Wheel333 says:

Denuclursishun ? Wut

Virtual Willis says:

Just a video of trump talking without any commentary or edits… did I accidentally click on the Fox News YouTube channel?

Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Trump! Wipe that North Korean stain off of your nose.

V says:

The orange moron is a legend in his own mind.

Thomas Jones says:

There he goes again.
Making America Great Again!

ajeron fiona says:

the answer is nk rocket is good, no need test. usa, russa, china didnt launch rocket test for years. conclusn jong un laughed about idio baboon in the un

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