Future marine biologists: What you should major in

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Don’t have a ‘marine biology’ major at your college/university? No problem! College majors are important, but they don’t restrict you to specific career paths, especially in science. Here I prime future marine biologists on choosing a college/university major field of study.

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Sahil Surve says:

I am a engineer can I be a marine biologist?

Heather Lynn says:

I plan of going to Eckerd college to get my B.S. degree but im not sure what university to go to get my M.S. degree. Do you know any really good universities?

Natalie Gonzales says:

I live literally in the middle of the United States. Do you have any advice about where to move, if I became a Marine Biologist, and wanted study the animals themselves and the environments that they live in? Like if I wanted to, or had to travel a lot in order to study different ecosystems?

David A says:

Curiosity, scientific method, and high intelligence more important than what major ha?

Lisha bayybayy says:

Hello! 🙂
I recently watched some videos on your YouTube about different aspects of your career, and how far you've come across in your journey as a Marine Biologist. But, what made you choose to be a biologist in oceanography, and what field are you more interested in? Physical, chemical or geological on an oceanography understanding??

Lin Guinea says:

hello! I'm a senior in high school looking for advice about college. I've been looking at colleges for marine biology/oceanography and thinking about what classes to take. After doing some research I am still very confused about how to decide what major would be best, and if it should be doctoral, masters, undergraduate, bachelor's, etc. I'm looking to focus on restoring coral reefs and endangered species as well as doing general fieldwork and photography (although anything that involves being in the ocean/fixing it would be wonderful). When I have the funds I plan on moving somewhere more appropriate for marine biology, and as of now I'm taking scuba diving lessons, but because I live in Arizona there's not a lot of access to certain things, like a legit body of water or specific college courses, the college I am currently applied to is a community college so It would be possible get my science and math courses out of the way before attending a specialty one if that were cheaper but if they won't transfer or aren't necessary there's no use spending the money. So basically, How would you recommend going about applying for college and what can I do to prepare for it now? Would you recommend any specific colleges? and are there any important things to be forewarned of when it comes to getting into school for marine science? (Sorry for the word vomit, I have no clue what my first steps should be and so many questions.)

gristleneck says:

Your last phrase sums it up perfectly, and not just for marine biology, but any pursuit in life. Great video

Samuel Alvarez says:

I live in Nebraska, would it benefit me in anyway to move and go to a college by the coast

Ethan Smith says:

Hey great video man. Always cool to hear what you've got to say. By the way, maybe you've already answered this before, but how did you get the job you have now?

Cameron Hugh says:

How old were you when you finished school and what were your grades?

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