Logo Design For A Film Company

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Hey design champs! Hope you’ve all been very well and making many design stuffs! In today’s video I create two logo directions for a film company that gives scholarships to film students. The design brief asked that I create a logo in black and white and to have the word FILM included. The first logo option I created is a play off a graduate and a film reel. For the second logo direction, I created a set of view finders stacked on one another to represent both film and money. I added some hand drawn font to both logo options that I thought could work for both. Which design do you think hits the mark better?

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Arcadia Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Carpe Diem Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Ben Dover says:

Designers on weed

Raghav says:

You drunk dude? lol

ABO HATEEM CH / أبو حاتم says:

ايش ليش لماذا

Via Margutta 51 says:

Wow, nice job! Maybe to better integrate the film concept to graduation boi, it'd be cool to replace the tassel of the cap with the filmstrip :O

Bernard Williams says:

Awesome work Zimri. Keep doing what you do and making us laugh.

Chuck Under Fire says:

I’m thinking the Logan Bates Girl logo works best, but the “Film” looks more like stitched fabric.. maybe consider a little more refinement on the film “sash” you got.

sinenhlanhla chauke says:

one of the funniest designer on youtube hahaha

fahad hossain says:

Please make a video on how to get clients like you get clients through mail. I think it will be more effective & beneficial for designer.
Thank You! & I like Your video! You are awesome & such a nice person. @Zimri Mayfield

Sarah Lacasse says:

Wow this video is EXTRA exuberant 😛

Charly Clements says:

Fronk, Isabella, Logan Paul and Marzia hahahaha

Jonathan Kim says:

when did zimri start working for ups

Reina Heller says:

i really like the view finder idea, but i think your execution of the girl is really good so now i’m leaning toward the girl. love the font from the original tho.

Puneet Dembla says:

Graduation boi would be good but film looks like a ribbon. Can you make it a bit more detailed.

Geoffrey Omarion Dunn says:

So…I like the view finder monaay boi, but….u should switch the colors, turn the black to white, and the white to black. That would be lit boi.

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