#WhyIDidntReport: Victims Answer President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Pres. Trump attacked Dr. Ford by asking why she didn’t report her alleged assault by Brett Kavanaugh when she was 15? Thousands of women answered that question on twitter today. Lawrence shares their stories.
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#WhyIDidntReport: Victims Answer President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


tina Haynes says:

Why didn’t someone call the FBI on Donald Trump 36 years ago.

Mike Ebersole says:

Lawrence you are a total nutjob and creep.

Khadijah Nyabinghi says:

Mothers also ask their daughters why didn't they tell them in that same accusatory tone.

altitude illume says:


desglacons says:

Death to Trump on those that support him. Trump’s evil must be destroyed forever.

Sarah Brit says:

Not only do victims not report it but when they do an extraordinary large number of Sexual assault cases are dropped by the police. In the UK there are 48,000 cases annually, only a couple of thousand make it to the courtroom. Victims know this which must contribute to the under reporting.

Bella Rose says:

Vote for Republicans on November. Our President is doing a wonderful job for us in spite of conspirators around him but he doesn't pay attention to these clowns.

Lance Jones says:

Problem is Trump supporters don't care. It is sickening. Either we vote these monsters out, or this country will be gone to greed…maybe forever

Angeliquelovely says:

He was a beloved pastor of my church, I was 15, i was confused and scared after the sexual assault. I told members of the church they called me a little lair n wicked #whyididntreport

Victoria Schilling says:

You are nuts..I was assaulted once at 10 and once at 36. I remember the date, time and place along with what I was wearing!!! I have friends the same!! ALL of us told friends and family immediately. Lawrence YOU are full of crap! YOU are a MAN and clueless. Ford is now being discredited by a friend who said she NEVER attended the party and did NOT know Kavanaugh. YOU ARE ALL LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Orlandi, PHR says:

Big bully GOP.

silvano novalis says:

The Predator-In-Chief should have been jailed for repeated sexual assaults — 19 of them were reported! A blatant proof that American law caters to the rich and powerful. The GOP mobsters have been deriding American law for two years — with total impunity! An oath no longer has meaning because there are no consequences for liars, grifters and mobsters. America, once the champion of cherished ideals and the beacon of democratic values, is declining at a fast speed under the influence of those GOP mobsters.

Angeliquelovely says:


We are not mixed up and to joke about assault is disgraceful and inhumane!!!!!!!! How dear you,

WOMEN VOTE BLUE and Men who love n respect women in your family n all women VOTE BLUE!

lolazal1 says:

The same reason Ivanka and Tiffany never reported!

Douglas says:

Good job Lawrence. #classact Too bad the president doesn't have any sort of moral compass to point him in the right direction in how to act.

LB2007 says:

Does Trump undestand what the FBI does? A 15-year-old girl sexually assauted by one of her friends wouldn't report to the FBI; They'd go to the local police

Duo Buckets says:

Because they would be reporting it to a system full of sexual abusers and RAPISTs, like Kavanaugh.

Gnirol Namlerf says:

Powerful and moving recitation. Everyone: think of all the things you didn't report to your parents, even if you did/do have an extremely good relationship with them, and not every teenager does. You were embarrassed about what you did and wanted to hide it. You didn't want to upset them at a time when they were going through their own difficult moments in life at the job, financially, with another family member, or in their marriage. They sacrificed for you all the time you were growing up, so you figure you should sacrifice for them a little by protecting them at that moment at your own emotional expense, which turns out not to be little or momentary. What if you have lots of school friends, but no real buddy to whom you can tell anything without fear of losing them as your closest pal? Consider all the young people to whom any one of those or a number of other compelling reasons to stay quiet might apply. Now, let's imagine the secret is that the kid or adult everyone loves and respects has attacked you, just you, or he assures you it's just you and there is no group support possible. Who, pray tell, do you open up to? Your clergyman or medical doctor? Really? Your little brother or sister? Ummm… You tell your parents you need a therapist but don't explain why and insist neither of them accompany you to his/her office? Sure. You bottle it up inside and hope the emotional hurt stays in the bottle, except now and then, something or some image pops up from out of nowhere and the recollection of the fear and humiliation you felt returns. When the event that triggers all the emotions is a matter of elevating someone to a position in which they are going to make legal judgments for all the people of the nation that sometimes involve moral judgments, that's when you might decide to report it. Not plausible, Sen. Grassley, Sen. Hatch? Not plausible, Mr. President?

exoticgirl1 says:

Thank you so much for this, sir!! You have NO idea how meaningful and powerful your heartfelt words are here!

Steve Hartley says:

Can you imagine coming up in front of this vile judge if you've been abused? No, me either! I'm a man and I can only imagine! This man shouldn't be a judge never mind be a supreme court justice with the power to determine the rule of law! I hope this outpouring of disgust follows him for the rest of his miserable life! Just like he's made others life miserable! Previous cases in public eye show this!

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