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Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, is being legalized for medicinal use in a growing number of countries. Perceptions towards cannabis are changing. [Online until: 16.10.2018]

The list of diseases that the drug cannabis can reportedly alleviate or even cure is long: multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain – even brain tumors. But has research really documented the effectiveness of medical marijuana? Cannabis has long been held to have healing properties, and has been used as a medicinal and recreational drug in world cultures for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the 20th century that marijuana was branded a corrupting influence and banned in many countries. Cannabis was seen as a stepping-stone to harder substances, and possession became a punishable offence. Because of weed’s association with criminal activity, even scientific research into marijuana was off-limits. But in recent years there’s been a turnaround, with increasing numbers of patients using cannabis for medicinal purpose. Today therapeutic use of cannabis is permitted in more than 30 countries. In the United States, families with children suffering from epilepsy are even moving to states that have decriminalized the drug cannabis for medical use. As a result of these developments, scientific research into the therapeutic uses of cannabis is booming. Recent studies confirm that cannabinoids may offer an alternative to conventional treatments for multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, epilepsy and certain forms of cancer. They’ve also been shown to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. The growing medical interest in this miracle weed appears to be winning over pubic opinion too. This report delves into the facts about this controversial plant and lets scientists at the forefront of cannabis research have their say.

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DW Documentary says:

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Lazy Mary says:

marijuana is very good for health.

derek sinclair says:

amazing love this

Donny Morrison says:


Yves Cloutier says:

I highly doubt aspirin went through this level of scientific research before being an approved medicine.

Yves Cloutier says:

Where the hell are the french getting their information…CNN?

capusvacans says:

How to recognise a doctor that has been paid off by the pharmaceutical industry: "We cannot legalise medicinal marihuana because we can't give drugs to ppl to releave their pain. It is better to give them heroin… i mean opium, dammit, i mean morphine."

Arnulfo Laniba says:

What does God say about Cannabis-Hemp-Marijuana?

Excerpted from the “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch

Here Neale Donald Walsch is asking God questions; God answers.

GOD: That is well said. Yet, I repeat, you must take care not to smother yourself in laws trying to guarantee people a chance to breathe!
You cannot legislate morality. You cannot mandate equality. What is needed is a shift of collective consciousness, not an enforcer of collective conscience.
Behavior (and all laws, and all government programs) must spring from Beingness, must be a true reflection of Who You Are.

NDW: The laws of our society do reflect who we are! They say to everyone, “This is how it is here in America. This is who Americans are.”
GOD: In the best of cases, perhaps. But more often than not, your laws are the announcements of what those in power think you should be but are not.
The “elitist few” instruct the “ignorant many” through the law.

NDW: Precisely. What’s wrong with that? If there are a few of the brightest and best among us willing to look at the problems of society, of the world, and propose solutions, does that not serve the many?
GOD: It depends on the motives of those few. And on their clarity. Generally, nothing serves “the many” more than letting them govern themselves.

NDW: Anarchy. It’s never worked.
GOD: You cannot grow and become great when you are constantly being told what to do by government.
It could be argued that government—by that I mean the law by which we’ve chosen to govern ourselves—is a reflection of society’s greatness (or lack thereof), that great societies pass great laws.
And very few of them. For in great societies, very few laws are necessary.

NDW: Still, truly lawless societies are primitive societies, where “might is right.” Laws are man’s attempt to level the playing field; to ensure that what is truly right will prevail, weakness or strength notwithstanding. Without codes of behavior upon which we mutually agree, how could we coexist?
GOD: I am not suggesting a world with no codes of behavior, no agreements. I am suggesting that your agreements and codes be based on a higher understanding and a grander definition of self-interest.
What most laws actually do say is what the most powerful among you have as their vested interest.


Let’s just look at one example. Smoking.
Now the law says you cannot grow and use a certain kind of plant, hemp, because, so
government tells you, it is not good for you.
Yet the same government says it is all right to grow and use another kind of plant, tobacco, not because it is good for you (indeed, the government itself says it is bad), but, presumably, because you’ve always done so.
The real reason that the first plant is outlawed and the second is not has nothing to do with health. It has to do with economics. And that is to say, power.
Your laws, therefore, do not reflect what your society thinks of itself, and wishes to be—your laws reflect where the power is.

NDW: No fair. You picked a situation where the contradictions are apparent. Most situations are not like that.
GOD: On the contrary. Most are.
NDW: Then what is the solution?
GOD: To have as few laws—which are really limits—as possible.
The reason the first weed is outlawed is only ostensibly about health. The truth is, the first weed is no more addictive and no more a health risk than cigarettes or alcohol, both of which are protected by the law. Why is it then not allowed? Because if it were grown, half the cotton growers, nylon and rayon manufacturers, and timber products people in the world would go out of business.
Hemp happens to be one of the most useful, strongest, toughest, longest-lasting materials on your planet. You cannot produce a better fiber for clothes, a stronger substance for ropes, an easier-to-grow-and-harvest source for pulp. You cut down hundreds of thousands of trees per year to give yourself Sunday papers, so that you can read about the decimation of the world’s forests. Hemp could provide you with millions of Sunday papers without cutting down one tree. Indeed, it could substitute for so many resource materials, at one-tenth the cost.

And that is the catch. Somebody loses money if this miraculous plant—which also has
extraordinary medicinal properties, incidentally—is allowed to be grown. And that is why marijuana is illegal in your country.

It is the same reason you have taken so long to mass produce electric cars, provide
affordable, sensible health care, or use solar heat and solar power in every home.
You’ve had the wherewithal and the technology to produce all of these things for years. Why, then, do you not have them? Look to see who would lose money if you did. There you will find your answer.

This is the Great Society of which you are so proud? Your “great society” has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to consider the common good.

Whenever common good or collective good is mentioned, everyone yells “communism!” In your society, if providing for the good of the many does not produce a huge profit
for someone, the good of the many is more often than not ignored.

This is true not only in your country, but also around the world. The basic question facing
humankind, therefore, is: Can self-interest ever be replaced by the best interests, the
common interest, of humankind?

nik Wallace says:

Ok, gotta cancel my trip to France

Nick Nick says:

ps the real french folk should boycott all businesses that r against medicine that helps people and let them know why…..hit them were it hurts…..

Emeka Chika says:

DW Documentary always balanced and informative. Pls don't stop

Jamie Nelson says:

Poland has legalized the use of ganja.

Cameron Santiago says:

11min 42sec

Cameron Santiago says:

I'm sorry, but this has turned into a joke… I can no longer watch it. It became unwatchable at

Cameron Santiago says:

Regards of the fact that I have suffered seizures myself… I cry every time I see one of these videos showing the powerful healing properties of CBD rich, full plant medicine.

Van de Haze says:

I've said this for years, people laughed at me for stating: criminalisation of cannabis is a crime against humanity.
Lets hope politicians wake up and act.

whelkshuffler says:

35.50 interesting body language

Bob scratch says:

Uk needs to legalize

Snurre .Sprett says:

The french scientists are chills and frauds — everyone knows that cannabis has tremendous benefits.

Betsy Ross says:

For me, who was never a pot smoker, my attitude has changed completely re cannabis. I'd been on anti-inflammatories for decades, narcotics for nearly a decade, and no matter what was prescribed for me, it was either useless, or I developed such a tolerance, I had to nearly overdose to feel relief from RA. Nearly a decade ago, a friend brought a bottle of oil to my house, but didn't tell me what it contained. I put it on my first crippled joint, and the effect was immediate! Pain free, complete range of motion, . . . it was a miracle. Every joint I applied it to had the identical response! What was this oil? He laughed and said it was cannabis! I was an immediate convert. I still don't like the "high" that comes from smoking, but the topical oil was so effective, I haven't used it now for about three years. Has it healed me? It sure seems like it. If you live in a state when it's legal, please give it a go. I think it is a bit of a panacea, but because it can be grown at home, the government has no control, and therein lies the problem, IMNSHO!

The Voodoos says:

Very true cannabis is dangerous,you are much better off going to your doctor for prescribed drugs that will screw your mind up permanently..

Smug Overdose says:

I love cannabis. Whoa.. cannabis.. can of bis… can of bisquits!! *heads to the kitchen*

Ncyim says:

I used weed with internal Qi Gong meditation to recover from horrific brain damage with great success. Brings us closer to our Source too.

Beyond Beauty69 says:

Cannabis will bankrupt big Pharma.. if they legalise it
Its a capitalist world. Money matters not lives unfortunately!

Wang Yang says:

It's criminal to criminalize marijuana.

Tye Linneman says:

boring documentary. The stupid French turned me off of the video. they all sound pretty ignorant. the countries they listed now blue were positive have much better qualities of Life and education. There is nothing wrong with Cannabis and doesn't hurt anyone. what I'm gonna overdose on Cheetos? give me a break. Forgot the world decided it wanted to be far right extremist who want to take away a good thing and fill our bellies with their death pills. that's some fake news.

PlanB says:

Man created pharmaceuticals, God created cannibis, who do you trust

moss grey says:

France, despite being a beautiful, cultural and artistic dreamland, seems to be unfortunately a little slow on the draw regarding certain issues – it doesn't even allow home births/midwifery where as in Holland it is the norm… Hopefully in time a new, more progressive and open perspective can be achieved. The big question is: what are they so afraid of??

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