Former VP Al Gore: ‘This Experiment With Trumpism Is Not Going Well’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell sat down with former Vice President Al Gore to discuss storms and rising sea levels, President Trump’s Puerto Rico comments, trade penalties and more. Gore also weighs in on President Trump’s war with the justice department. “We have gone through worse times. We have bounced back before,” he said. “These elections this November may turn out to be the beginning of a course correction.”
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Former VP Al Gore: ‘This Experiment With Trumpism Is Not Going Well’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


yogibearteacher says:

Well Andrea,thank you for you videos. I am impressed by the way you are a yournalist.
You have so much knowledge of the history,
and can make conversations with everyone.
B.t.w. you are a very beautiful and pleasant person to hear and to view.

Pops150 says:

How about that "populism," Al? 8 years of a bad economy….hee hee!

harland fazardo says:

Andrea I think your a nice person but you need to educate your self when it come to climate change

Danny Burch says:

Anyone that does not believe and climate change is a fool

Kevin McCauley says:


Kevin McCauley says:

outraGE ……….AHAHAHA

Kevin McCauley says:

what about the cooling waters from the melting ice caps??

Daniel Moore says:

why is anybody giving Al Gore any credibility at all him and Andrea are both not jobs climate change or global warming as it was once called is a hoax

Gojian says:

Yeah but Gore pushed NAFTA and GAT.
We need New Democrats non corporate


Grabbing women p** are Trump priorities. His mind is occupied with money, power, women, and corruption. How a 72 old man with the knowledge of a 5th or 6th grad student understand the hostile changing of the nature today???

comanchio1976 says:

And the 1st prize for the understatement of the millennium, goes to Al Gore, for:
"This Experiment With Trumpism Is Not Going Well"

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