Ankylosing Spondylitis

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Mary Carlone says:

And if you’re in pain don’t seek help because you won’t get any pain medication any more? True. And if you have a huge leg length discrepancy too bad.

jugadu dost says:

Thank you……!

Tonton Branairos says:

i am suffering same problem (AS) almost 1 year now. pls. help me.

The Only Way Productions says:

How I battled this disease for just over two years and it CAN be beaten, 100%.

raj kurmi says:

for treatment call 8871374937 india bhopal

RahBertPat says:

Causes :

How about chemtrails?

Cant wait to see what new diseases the government comes up with in the future . I treated this with ENBREL when I was younger . A box of six syringes costed like $1,400 . Ridiculous . Sounds like some bullshit for the corrupt pharmaceutical companies of the world to profit .

anand gupta says:

There are treatment options but big NO to drug therapy. They just wait how much disease has progressed!

عمار الكريم says:

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