Kelly Clarkson explains recent weight loss

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The singer says she made a lifestyle change to address an autoimmune disease and a thyroid issue.


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Android Apps says:

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Stephanie Okerson says:

She'll get fat again. Can't stand her.

knowlight knowright says:

Good for you Kelly put that fork down and keep it moving!!!!

Debra Lawrence says:

Yet another story about Kelly Clarkson. What about Justin Guarini? He came in 2nd on Idol. Where are his news stories? Justin matters too!!!

Babs Phillips says:

The book she read is The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry. I bought his cookbook and am following his advice. Highly recommend it!

Quazi Nasim Akhtar Razvi says:

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JuliaWills says:

I have looked at this diet-IDK. If you stop eating grains and processed food-you will look and feel better. I need more info on this-it says not to eat cucumbers, squash, eggplant, oats, wheat… the only thing you eat is boiled millet-that’s-birdseed for you who don’t recognize it. Yeah, if all you eat is birdseed then you will be eating like a bird. Kelly is right about one thing-our weight is mostly determined by our diet, not exercise.

MrPathorock says:

Why we need to constantly talking about someone's weight. Boring and useless.

Em Dee says:

All these years of her being overweight and she just now found out she had a thyroid problem???

Brazen Hussy says:

You would think she would have said "I exercised discipline and lost weight to not look gross "

Caz PK says:

I was worried about Kelly's health and still am. She is going to have to exercise to keep her energy levels up.

MyEveryDayWifeLife says:

What auto immune disease does she have? Which one?

Emily lox says:

I have thyroid disease you don't get off your meds you are in them for ever. False.Even surgery you don't get off them..

The Champ says:

0:15 That girl in the background got a meme face.

Hassan Syed says:

Back to her original American idol physique.

Lisa DeL says:

I love her and how real she is! I also love that she lost the weight on her own once everyone knew she was fine and happy the way she was and let her be. She looks amazing!

angeleyes green says:

Thyroid issues are no joke

Yosef says:

whelp i just started my diet this past weekend… Eh..

Mandie Leighton says:

Kelly Clarkson your a wonderful person and keep it up and don't let anyone tell you know different

houchi69 says:

I don't understand the title…
Why does she need to explain her weight loss?

Jade Neal says:

The real question is “why does she need to explain” just seeing the title made me mad. Someone’s weight is not the universe’s business.

fluffyfour says:

What a sensible dietitian. Wish diet people here (UK) had to be registered. Most of them have never been overweight in their lives and that makes a huge difference. The assumptions and abuse faced daily has to be stopped.

Hol M says:

Shes still sooo pretty. If she lost 10 more pounds shed look like her American Idol days

Magdalena Ewa Magdziarek says:

That's the kind of BS I heard from my cousin why she was over weight. After her weight loss couple years later she gained it all back. There is nothing organic in this world anymore

skuttytip says:

Ya gotta voice like that…..pounds????

Nicole L. Espinoza says:

Kelly always looks fantastic love her so very much. She is so truthful tells it like it is.

Anthony Lawson says:

Kelly you look fabulous no matter what! I'm just glad that you are healthy! Love you girl

Bethany Slaugenhaupt says:

I'm so mad that this poor person has to justify weight gain/loss to strangers. She owes no one an explanation.

Andy Saenz says:

Wow, KC has an autoimmune disorder? That's sad, is there a cure for it?

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