IRISH. WORD. PROCESSOR. Software Inc alpha 10 part 2

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Enough of this contracting rubbish! We at Fail Fast Software are creating our first massively popular piece of software – LingOBlend, true next generation word processing software in partnership with Xerox. To be fair Xerox aren’t aware of this, we’ve declared that we’re in partnership just to add credibility to what it, let’s face it, a really bad word processor. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Software Inc alpha 10 gameplay series with mirth.

Take a seat, grab a drink and sit back to the relaxing sound of plans being drawn then abandoned within minutes.

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oscardewyldde says:

I watched this simulation because of the Colonel's running commentary was highly amusing and entertaining. The dark arts of sarcasm are not dead. Pity the game is. Reminds me of the Dead Parrot sketch of Monty Python fame. Keep up the good work with providing verbal CPR. "Lovely plumage! There, gov. "

papasmurfette007 says:

LingO Blend – definitely served with a drop of the Baileys to be sure…

Otto Lehikoinen says:

Make it use IPA at default, please.

John Giorgetta says:

just realised how early I am XD

Jaime says:

You should have added autocorrect and animations! Everyone loves that paper clip thing! Looks like you're trying to develop a new word processor. Would you like to learn more and have me constantly interrupt you? Yes or OK

Jon Wisbey says:

Just watched with the missus. She suggested fitting the staff with catheters and nutrient drips to keep them at their desks and increase work rates.

Carltonace 1 says:

I'm sure going to buy me some Ling O' Blend. Sure to make writing college essays so much easier.

Nick B. says:

Maybe upgrading Ling O Blend 1.0 would be a good idea? Maybe making Ling O Blend 2.0 with better art, etc. Basically upgrading the old software and making it better.

Stefan Krautz says:

Yeah power up your IMSAI 8080 again. 🙂

Wourghk says:

That Ling O'Blend advert is perfect, comic sans and all.

Les Vajak says:

Fun stuff thanks Colonel

Orb505Gaming says:

I've really surprised you took this game on for a series. Its a great game to play but blinking tough to narrate. I should know…I tried! Good luck!

Delinquent Motorcycle says:

leftover meatloaf with gravy and a new colonel video. way to start your day after work !
cheers colonel

MrHamof says:

2:25 You can shift-click here.

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