Real Anaconda Attack on Dog – Rescue Dog From Anaconda Attack By Three Boys

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– Killing animals are not allowed in our country.
– Don’t try this at home.

Note: This snake our pet
This dog our pet

Real Anaconda Attack on Dog – Rescue Dog From Anaconda Attack By Three Boys

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Lea Fleschen says:

Scheißdreck sich langsam man aus der Welt verfluchen

Gelitis :D says:

Fucking snakes

Benjamin Schabel says:

Listen, i want to enjoy your videos, but please tell me, how is it not torture for that snake to get flung around for some time? Honestly, try to convince me its no torture

chickenmaster78 says:

I found a channel that doesn’t clickbait very interesting

Francisco Perez says:

Son supererues

John Etheridge says:

Another one of their fake ass videos

Edgar Javier says:

I love it please make more

Katty Almeida Diaz says:

No haga eso con el perro que se los coma

Katty Almeida Diaz says:


MAXIMILIAN Freitag says:

dog denkt sich what

MAXIMILIAN Freitag says:

dog denkt sich what

Ella Candell says:

I hade how the dog is just chillin

Cristian fernando Guerrero solis says:

vivora chucha tu madre te mataría apuros machatasos pudrete vivora maldita

AviaDaSilva says:

Is this all just fake?

Gameslord says:

476 people unhappy dog survived.
Either that or the fact that THIS IS NOT ANACONDA.
It is a either 1 of the Phytons(not sure which) or maybe some Boa Constrictor or something.

These boys should be fed to female 21foot(7meters)Green Anaconda which goes by a latin name Eunectes Murinus from the jungles of Amazonia.

Well its unlikely that more than 1 would be devoured,but even so.
Hmm… .
Lock them up in some 2mx2m room with 1l of water and bread to each every 3 days and with them above mentioned Green Anaconda,which is in diameter probably more than any of them individualy.

Those that survive after a month get milion € each,those that don't…such a shame lol.

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