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For the past century we have become used to the western superpowers ruling the planet. Their economies ruled and controlled the world economy.

But the economic model of western domination is slowly fading and a new world order will arise. What are that new world order and the new world economy going to look like? And what will be the role of India in that new world economy?

In this video I explore the idea of a new world order consisting of the USA. China, Russia and India. I specifically explore the role of India in that new global economy. I think India can be the ‘brain’ of the new world order and the new world economy.

India has historically showed to be trustworthy and capable of maintaining friendly relations with almost every country in the world. India is rapidly developing and highly innovative. India could be the brain, the conscience and the soul of a new world order that will guide the planet into a long era of social and economic stability.

This video is part of a series that displays a positive attitude towards India. Let’s show the world the opportunities that India has to offer. Thanks for watching and please like the video and subscribe to my channel. Namaste!


Ajay Acharya says:

India is a world in itself. India really shows the world that with so much diversity so many languages, so many colors, so many boundaries India still is a single country and a peaceful country. A lesson to the world and human race to live peacefully adopt, take everyone along, support one another. One world and one race. Forget the difference and live along each other.

Seshadri Nathan says:

In India individual brilliance will fuel the future growth. The government will create a conducive environment for free enterprise.

Hari Menon says:

Fuck off , A vacillating sub culture who has made an art of “sitting on the fence” – dream on Horatio


Great To hear that If We all are United we can "Be" with Mother Nature


As aMasters In Business Economics what can we do to be a United in this Globe


What can M.B.E students Do For This

sangeetha baskar says:

India brain and soul of future world.

Raj Patel says:

Great … I hope it will be true soon, it's good for whole world

Shubhendu Kulkarni says:

I am pleasantly surprised by this video and the comments. Not many people see India in a positive light, but although it is true that we are growing at a rapid pace I personally think the challenges India currently faces like extreme poverty, a modest literacy rate, corruption, lack of infrastructure, etc are just too big to overcome in the next 20 years. I think it will require atleast another 30-40 years to solve these problems and express itself on a global scale.

John smith says:

Indian history shows Hindu idealism lead india was disaster. It is the low caste hindu who incourage Muslim to invade India. Hindu idealism could not create any modern day great leader.It is incapable to do so.

humanity lover says:

Can I get one subscriber on my bday please bhaiyo

Global Varks says:

Indians are very good at PRAISING THEMSELVES in public. Its a DISEASE inherited from AEONs of SLAVERY to RELIGION.

abhijit sen says:

what people don't realize India was largest economy on planet till 17th century before colonization and It used to have between 17-33 % of world GDP during that time for reference plz go through Angus Maddision Study of the millennia which he did for OECD countries….India did that only with trade and commerce and with its intellectual prowess…..It never invaded any country or never interfered with internal matter of any other country…….That's why India enjoys so much Soft power around the globe amassed through centuries of trust no country will feel threatened by India leading world order….till 17th century people of other country wanted to reach the shore of India as it was called the golden bird…….

Varun Rathour says:


Varun Rathour says:


elvee H says:

Well.. what the world need today is not forceful resolutions by breaching into other countries. What we need is to understand ourselves as human species on earth and strive together to make it habitable and safe. Short sighted economic and territorial gains over another would only bring peril to the world. And here comes the Indian view.. Vasudaiva Kudumbam.. That the entire world is a family.. That explains all indeed..

shanmugam ramachandran says:

It is a good video and i prefer you to make videos on India's international relations and further to improve your post picture.

Sunil Kumar says:

good voice quality

George Varghese says:

I wonder how the euro crisis solved couple of years ago? Why Indian currency value from 35 to 70 for a dollar. Is that the trust you want?

prudhvi Bhogireddy says:

God must also think this way…. for he is the guide…… this is only country…. to be trusted. which never invaded, any country, which only tried to be friendly…. Thums up.

prudhvi Bhogireddy says:

India needs, to control its population, first. common civil law, .. allowing one child born for family, irrespective of any relgiious belief. as china.. did. . unless , they do it, it is likely, that the population chemistry soon change, and it is going to effect, its equilibrium. … as… u see, the fraction of religious faith… of some , will create dis equillibrium.

Shubho Paul says:

"Slow and steady wins the Race" India is full of really talented people.. Almost 60 percent of total population can speak at least 3 languages – local language, Hindi and English whereas western countries barely speak only two.. The average students of India are more talented than the students of Western countries and this is due to lack of employment.. For example nearly 5 lakh students appear for IAS exam {the most prestigious job as well as the toughest exam} every year but only 1000 are selected.. So nature makes Indians talented and competitive.. Apart from this, India is a peace loving country.. It maintains its peace with all its neighbouring countries except China and Pakistan.. India is developing fast and gradually becoming superpower.. This video has justly said that if this world needs a brain to control over, it must be India..

vinay j says:

india was never a country, It will never ever succeed.
Until reservation is removed or split according to ethnicity.

Karuppaiah p.m. says:

we join all countries for future thinking to protect earth

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