How Central Bankers reshaped the world economy following the 2008 economic crisis

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Nomi Prins, journalist and author of Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, talks to journalist Chris Hedges about how central bankers “overstepped their traditional mandates by directing the flow of epic sums of fabricated money without any checks and balances.”

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Alexei Ramotar says:

Sad part, the people didn't get debt relief.

TubeBrasil says:


TubeBrasil says:

Lula's marxist government was all about helping BANKERS and billionaires to have record profits, while getting huge kick-backs for the party's corrupt leadership.. Never in history interest rates for consumers were so high, sometimes at 500% a year, while Lula was distributing free money through state bank BNDES for billionaires ! Marxism is a SCAM. It is the same game of exploitation but with no opposition allowed.Billionaires love it! For goodness sake, Lula's Finance Minister was Bank Boston's CEO.

jimmi hotdog says:

USA, 300 million guns corrupt bankers corrupt government what could go wrong.

Mr. Frank 'forever 40' Garret says:

Forget to mention Fortune 500 shareholders changed hands

Serge Campeau says:

There is something I don't understand in this process. Technically, the overprinted currencies of these central banks should lose value against the other ones not following this policy. It does not seem to be the case. How is it possible that the USD stays so high?

DarkSideOfTheNoon says:

Isnt this network funded by Putin?

Richard Garza says:

I've listened to these two for years, and never have I heard them name the perpetrators of these offenses. Just "central banks." Omission is a lie, and these two cowards are guilty. Rothschild's, Jamie Diamond, and a few others are never mentioned, and there has to be a reason. What is it Chris? All your books are published by the zionist/jew, are you being manipulated? Shame.

Melvyn Gingell says:

We need worldwide revolutions ! The system needs changing !

nonslave says:

Let us assemble with pitchforks and march on the fed at once! HUA Bring rope

Harry Kiralfy Broe says:

Usury – We have a word for it!

Turnips Pickled says:

Nomi Prins – a title that sounds like both the first and second names are missing a letter….

Naomi Prinse….. There thats better; I'll bet she just changed it to stand out…..

C Money says:

This will all collapse very soon. Smh.

xiomana xoxoxo says:

US BANKS no BETTER THAN COMMOn THEIVES and CORRUPT DRUG DEALERS shady back door deals of greedy , characters, KARMA is a BITCH is all i have to say .

Steve Fortuna says:

My two heroes of sanity and revolution – Hedges and Prins. Have read 2 of her books and am starting on "America, the Farewell Tour" next week. Shame that we rely on the RUSSIAN government to tell us the truth while our corporate owned media are complicit in the greatest swindle in history. We'd be in much better hands with Hedges as Secretary of State, Prins as Secretary of Treasury (or head of Federal Reserve if it were NATIONALIZED) and Elizabeth Warren as President. Of course, Blankfein, Dimon, Geitner and the other bank criminals would be in jail.

Kimo Pu'uwai says:

MMT for the rich. Rugged neo-liberalism for the rest of us.

Dongs says:

Yeah and any country that has been "reshaped" by communism is just doin peachy lol.

Oners82 says:

I love Chris' lectures but jeez man he a bad interviewer! Stop interrupting her for god's sake, let her finish her point and THEN you ask the next question. So annoying!

david t says:

fake news fuck russia get out of America commie fucks

Steven David Stoffers says:

we perceive of Treasury debt the same as stock portfolios and all of those as property wealth along with money. stock market and Treasury debt are not real money. the stock market is only real money to net sellers, and debt the same thing. the check on the balance is what Larry Summers and Alan Greenspan still reference as a still unfolding stagnation, with only Alan Greenspan having directly referenced the underlying root reality that no one dares to talk about anymore. Greenspan did though. Trump has relieved it somewhat by not offering the falsity that Man's Technology Will Save Us, so party now before something tears or rips or a new dynamic is birthed, we can guess some kind of major new southern hemisphere "vortex" feature is spawned as the Pacific ENSO, Atlantic thermohaline and Arctic polar vortex reach some shutdown threshold.

D Dampen says:

we need a new nation in the usa not some crumbs thrown to americans like crumbs from bernie sanders who wants to make government employees wealthy.

Robert Fernandez says:

Death to policyED, blow up that fucking building and kill of the policyED workers, and torture to death all the shareholders of policyED

Fried Chicken says:

Blame ourselves how can we the people let this happen

Mou Thai says:

Implement Blockchain!

Michael Mills says:

She is a stuttering muttering mumbling fuck! “ um I’m um at the at at the at the”! For having a speaking position she is NOT AT ALL ANY GOOD AT IT! And IF YOU CALL IMPLODE BACKWARDS? It is called EXPLODE!!!!

Guy Lemay says:

It's all by design folks ….the Asylum is controlled by the INMATES!

SkylineToTheSeaAndMe says:

And the politicians and regulators are bought and paid for by this largest Ponzi Scheme in world history. So don't expect them to do anything.

James Samuelsen says:

Fuck the banks, the people are done! We are taking the control back! It's our planet not these fascists

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