Why China and the U.S. Are Vying for Dominance in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, China and the U.S. are clashing over China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. To understand what’s at stake, it helps to take a look at why China is in Pakistan in the first place.

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beep boop says:

USA China ??? India is the true super power!! we are creating more toilets for our people soon we won't be stopped by anyone

tejas maheshwari says:

Not in India though

rencrow says:

You mean to to tell me that Pakistan is choosing trade, infrastructure, and economic stability over drones and bombings? Gee I never saw that coming.

Mandar Pund says:

Can this same video be made by someone who is not an american. N not a chinese as well ofcourse.

Jawad H says:

So the propaganda is alive and well.
There is better things to come, for starters there is a new president.
-Coruption is going to be cleared out
-What the americans dont get, is the strong brotherly bond between china and pakistan,
they always helped each other no matter what.
-China need that route to the sea
-China cannot alow pakistan to fail

One thing is clear the debt situation must get under controll.

My question is, is this US funded video? or Israeli funded? or Indian funded??

shivraj singh says:

Wow, what a deal, pakistan has to buy electricity produced on its own land, by its own resources. And man power will also be of pakistan. Sad to say but pakistan has lost its spine to china now. One day Pakistanis will give rent to china to live on their own land. Its sad but its true .

Navneet Singh says:

Wall Street journal plz correct your map because its occupied area by Pakistan and it belongs to India

Asfandyar Yusufzai says:

US has used Pakistan for its extremism, US is good in making trouble across the world only to sell its weapons. Long live Pakchina relationship it must be for peace and development.

Yash Parmar says:

"When 2 big bulls fight each other the only thing they destroy is ground and bushes"

Shedding The Light Ministeries says:

China is Good for Ethiopia. China relationship with Ethiopia is win win.


Problem is trust deficit with US. Pakistan has given 8,000 soldiers and officers lives in fighting terrorists while US media and administration instead of highlighting or even mentioning this humiliates Pakistan at international stage by calling Terrorist SAFE HAVEN. Public in Pakistan suffered 70,000 casualties because of US ammo, food and equipment to NATO/US in Afghanistan pass from Pakistani port, land and air which made terrorists attack Pakistan and kill so many Pakistanis as a consequence.

Rishabh Kalia says:

China is just using pakistan
So that they will take over pakistan on a lease for 99 years..
Like hk, port in sri lanka …
And then they will have upper hand on India … There end motive

Ricky says:

I sometimes wonder if China was behind India division so that it could gain access to western ocean routes, that could never be possible if India remaining sovereign country there.

Leon Hu says:

One guy is willing to help a poor guy by building him some better tools and equipment to make a better living. The other guy thinks the poor guy should be poor forever and just begging for charity from rich guys. And no one can help the poor guys become rich.

Affiliate Junction says:

Pak had been to long ally of Usa,it didnt bring any good..must change direction now,just be carefull when signing deal dnt be another srilanka

wibas2008 says:

Even after 70 years of forming, Pakistan cannot stand on its own, its needs someone to feed it, much like a fox looking for leftover meat bones.

Mohit Ojha says:

Pakistan is acting like a concubine.whoever is more powerful and Rich Pakistan would go with it .The threat for India is increased as it is surrounded by the enemies of it's 'Ancient Civilization'.

Arham Anwar says:

But Pakistan is going to take money from Saudi Arabia

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