Juul: A Nicotine Story

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A short documentary about the increasing use of Juul’s (a new form of e-cigarette) at Mountain Vista High School. By Jett Crowson and Keyahn Golgoon


Titus Eitel says:

Colter Giem looks like my big toe

Moot says:

I h8 nicotine cuz nic causes cancer. Wut the fuck nic dont

Michael Johnson says:

Tar and smoke gives you cancer, not NICOTINE for christ sakes

Michael Johnson says:

Obviously its not good for you, but in moderation juuling/vaping is fine. Just like alcohol , you could drink a beer a day and be fine but a few beers is different. Just do it in moderation and you will be fine don't do it 24/7

Aiden Schwing says:

That freshman was pretty stupid

Authentic says:

of course the freshman freaks out about it

Nick Chandler says:

Fuckin narks

Fyziam Ali says:

These fucking students are dumb, and need to take a bio class.

David Christian says:

One reason is we gonna die anyway

Garrett Judd says:

1:34 this kid definitely gets bullied

Damaris Bell says:

i’m in 5th and I juul but that’s only because my two old brothers are in 8th grade and 10th grade so they kind of introduced it to me lol it’s completely harmless

King Cave says:

It’s not smoking it’s water vapor

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