2018 Singapore Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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The highlights from under the lights at Marina Bay Street Circuit.

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Jay David says:

Hamilton would have still won this race had he been in a Ferrari

Jay David says:

Someone please tell me how Bottas has still not won this season in a Mercedes

KoldStrejke says:

Freaking hate that over excited announcer.

Mikey Shockwave says:

You can,t get driver of the day for trying to put another driver into the wall!! He should feel very fortunate he only got 5sec penalty… There's clean defensive drivers like Kimi, then you have boneheads like SIROTKIN!

Rico Suave says:

Good job sauber

LouistarTV says:

The Maldonado Academy is working really well!

Cpt. Hotah says:

Ferrari needs verstapen and riciardo

A Kid says:

F1 media should be regulated it has become an open ground for racists fascists.

alberto fiaschi says:

Verstappen of the day: Perez

Nir Tal says:

Most boring F1 race ever….un-overtakeable tracks should be ban. Ultra-sticky tires should be ban. Front/rear wings should have half the downforce – no one could get closer than 1sec to the car in front (unless its a Williams) because of all the dirt-air BS. The winner is guy who manage the pace best- not the fastest….sad

Michael McCann says:

That 5 second pen was bull Shit

Tristan Koot says:

This race,

Alonso manages to get Fastest Lap.

Both Force India's f*ck up.

Max Verstappen manages to overtake Vettel in an amazing impossible way.

Hamilton gets backed off whilst getting blue flags.

This really was a good race!

deep thoughts says:

Sirotkin the wall

HaloToday says:

This is the last race I'm watching for this season. Literally fell asleep for about 20 minutes or so and the top 10 running order did not change when I woke up. F1 seriously needs to address the issue of drivers not being able to attack one another on track.

mikealanzo says:

So who cheated this time Lewis??? You cocksucker!

Fiteni25 says:

The likelihood of a safety car at Singapore is the same as Crofty's voice cracking just aftet lights out

pussycat1337 says:

vettl is the wrong n1 driver in team ferrari, raikonnen could do it much better as nr 1!!!
vettl is always nervos and take the wrong decisions all the time … too bad for ferrari!

Czarna Kropki says:

Poor Esteban

Bazil brush says:

Formula One boring as Fuck
I managed about two minutes
And turned it off
Bring back proper cars not this Wi-Fi milkfloat shite

-BosnianRider- says:

Never seen somebody getting through with so much stuff, Perez prooved to be an utter asshole, he couldnt pass a Williams and wanted Charlie to help him, then just swipes him, what a moron, and that with Ocon, he said that there was no space, you could see that he turned to the right there.. Maldonado is 3 classes above Perez..

MCMarkyTee says:

I like how F1 has more platforms to view highlights and have places for discussion. What I don't like, however, are all the part timers that think they 'know' things yet only regurgitate shit that had been said or that is pushed on you.

Orhun berk Cagatay says:

retarded Perez should ban for 1 race for hitting his teammte and hitting WİLLİAMS on purpose

エキロ says:

Alonso is the driver McLaren needs, but not the one they deserve.

Pretentious Arrogance says:

Well I hope this is not end.

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