Fibromyalgia: What is it like to live with chronic pain – BBC Stories

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Fibromyalgia is a common, little-understood condition that is seven times more likely to affect women than men. It is characterised by widespread pain and fatigue and can be difficult to diagnose.
This week, Kirsty Young announced she is taking time off Desert Islands Discs because of the condition. Journalist Lucy Hancock, who also has it, attends a gentle movement class for sufferers to hear about what it’s like to live in chronic pain with such an unpredictable illness.

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Filmed and edited by Tom Beal and Ruth Evans

Illustrations: Kat Jenkins


2115virgo13 says:

Fibromyalgia for 15 years! It’s slowly killing me! Physically and mentally!

Dannielle Forsyth says:

I'm so fed up of people that don't believe that someone has this It can't be seen. If we could see this Physically there would be so much more understanding. My mum has this and she manages her pain. I'm very proud of her because she does so well considering she's always in pain.

Rachel Alinger says:

I am diagnosed with IB Syndrome…the pain is really excruciating and most of the time I end up in the hospital and have to be injected painkillers and drips… however the pain is subjected only to my lower abdomen… I just can't imagine the pain associated with Fibromyalgia affecting your whole body… I really feel bad for these people!❤

Mary Francis says:

Thank you for this <3 sometimes the pain is just too much and no one will help and you just want it all to end.

jenniferrobinson2000 says:

Trust me I feel your pain!!

jenniferrobinson2000 says:

It's the worse pain ever like being run over mac truck,then it backing up running over you again!!!

gloryboy glo says:

Smoke weed people

ayitian1 says:

It sounds like their nervous system is shot and needs to be rebooted. Western Civilization does not cure disease it treats them!

Annmarie123ize says:

I miss dance the most

Annmarie123ize says:

I have severe fibromyalgia and ME (Myalgia encephalomyelitis which reduce my function no energy to do much movement, if I move I deteriorate become weak and can go in to paralysis and pain , Burning weakness is double with the ME And fibromyalgia, always in pain 60% up to 90% never be any less 24 hours a day.
Have whole body paralysis and nausea cannot speak of see when I deteriorate and it’s nearly everyday, i have Tobe careful when I am going anywhere.
I am in a wheelchair and have Tobe drive on a manageable day high on meds.
Cannot manage walking more then 15-20 meters become ill

denis wilson says:

Hope this helps – please read below and try itI suffered from Fibromyalgia for many years with all the pain, fatigue, memory problems and 'is it just me imagining all this' syndrome – bad flare-ups were like being set on fire and people putting the flames out with baseball batsThen I had a food intolerance test Removed the identified foods from my diet and improved within weeksAlso checkout Leaky Gut Syndrome which will explain more clearly

GodzHarleyGirl Studio says:

YES IT DOES FEEL LIKE THIS!! I have it and Thanks for making people more aware! Mine came through major serious stress.

Eve beinguniquebooks says:

I hate Fibromyalgia it hurts so much and I hate being judged for it by strangers who just see me and can't feel my pain, I got diagnosed at fifteen and was so relieved they believed me about the pain

Susan Kay says:

Weight-bearing, physical exercise actually worsens the symptoms of Fibroyalgia, medical scientists have discovered. Too bad they couldn't trust that validation from actual patients, who are suffering from this dastardly illness, to tell them the same thing!

Mentioning the exasperating minimizing, blaming, and disbelief of symptoms, especially from medical personnel, as very troubling for sufferers, is very true! When a therapist shrugged, saying, "Sometimes you just have to accept the pain!" I got IN_HIS_FACE, to tell him, "No. I do not. And you're the least compassionate person I would EVER want near my care planning, ever again!" I fired him on_the_spot.

I won't tolerate that attitude, much less PAY them for giving up FOR me! Nor for displaying a rotten, defeatist, and passive-aggressive attitude, that might be mistakenly adopted by others!

I'm not a depressive, nor a helpless, hysterical 'little woman'. Don't treat me as such, or you'll lose a patient, and be blasted on social media, for your "diagnosis"!

miguel reyes espinoza says:

I would like translate your vídeos from english to spanish

Kane Hart - Let's Plays says:

I have a loved one Diagnosed with Fibro. The downside her specialist said it was the worst he has come across to date this was a few years back but a bit discouraging. Some of her family and friends don't think she has it others say it's in her head even doctors who said she should see a therapist and her own father forcing her to get a physiological check at the hospital. Either way to give you an idea of her condition she uses forarm crutches on a good day. Most the time she needs to be pushed in a wheelchair we don't have money for a scooter, etc.

On a bad day shes in her bed pretty much crying in her own way sometimes her entire body is flailing around when shes having a really bad attack I mean what you see in the movies when someone just got kicked as hard as possible in the unmentionables. Sometimes her feet and hands mostly the tips will go so dark they are more black then blue. She spend a lot of time in bed not getting any sleep just to have a couple hours of energy. Even then sometimes her brain is so foggy she can't think at all and a lot of times can't even recall what happen the night before when this happens. It's one the hardest things I have witnessed and I love her so much and plan to be at her side till I die.

I'm her full time caregiver. I really hate my country because they treat the disabled like crap we are over 50% under the poverty they give not even a cent for Caregiving yet she could have 4+ Hours of PSW Service but not if a loved one does it. We live a hard life financially and because of the disability. She has taken so many types of drugs, etc she has some that help but she had a lot of reactions to others. We be lucky to get some fruit and vegetables in our diets the government tells us to go to the food bank that is what their for. Gives you an idea what kind of place Canada really is when it comes to the Disabled. They make the Disability Support programs like their temporary to help get you back to work yet not everyone can.

To make things worse she was becoming a Teacher in Uni 2nd year when this all struck her. Guess what she wanted to do? She wanted to help children with developmental issues and she was already an teacher assistant for it. She is one the most postie people I have ever met.

I'm Sorry those with Fibro this might been a bit hard for you to read. This was more for those outside of Fibro who don't really know what it's like for someone who suffers on the more extreme side of things.

It's made me really angry for others who have Disabilities in Canada to stand up for them and fight for them. A lot of times on my spare time I spend it helping others. It's really change my prospective and next time you come across someone with a disability don't just look the other way ignoring them thinking that would be rude pretending they don't exist. Instead think of how their day to day life must be. Do they get enough food? Are they being helped enough? Etc. It's time we stop ignoring people with Disabilities even more so those with invisible disabilities.

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