Cardi B Talks Illuminati “If Something Happens To Me They Did It”

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►Cardi B Talks Illuminati “If Something Happens To Me They Did It”

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Luis Aguilar says:

Fucken illuminati bitch.. educating people with your kind of music.. Your just a pop it on that MK Ultra

Zakiyah Pointer says:

The sad thing about this video is you can tell this is "actually" her speaking. She don't sound stupid as they portray her in the media. I can actually articulate and understand everything she's talking about. The media is crazy.

N Love says:

You can tell people who ain't never had nothing or was not popping they over compensate flossing

G M says:

Why do people want to seel there soul to the devul. When there is a real GOD who love you and died for you. Repent people

Christina Cassaro says:

Cardi, be careful. Your right, very right. Your big now with influence. Looks like you choose the red pill.

Daisy Valencia says:

Is like hearing a potato talk

SlayQueen Mia says:

she talkn bout stuff and ppl have hearts

Matrix End says:

Tell all your hollyweed friends to quit, the world will be a better place when these billionaires fuck off to Mars on 1 way ticket.
These Billionaires wanna control world population,
Where the fuck is justice in this fuck up world!!!!

Craig-Patrick Gabrial Camp says:

Even fucking Cardi B understands the American way of making money with it's people's poor health

Musa Abu Bayan says:

I can already see the headlines….
"Superstar Rapper Cardi B" found dead in Los Vegas hotel room of apparent drug overdose"

Eastin Henderson says:

The government could give 2 fucks about you. he's trying to make the world great again hop back into reailety

Gaia Mead says:

You're from the Bronx… You can't use the ignorance of the DR as an excuse.

Obliveon 8 says:

they take n sight for granted just looking at you. Steven wonder terrifics. if something happens to you the Illuminati species is going to loose more than just they eyesights.

Colin Billings says:

Don’t comment on her videos she just bitchin for attention. so stop she a dumbass

Les Smith says:

she should educate herself more of course chemical pesticides are responsible for alot of desease but if the government wanted to do anything it would be done educate yourself on the diffrence between the diffrence of iluminati and free masonry you throw out statements you know nothing about the answers are right in front of you…these videos are a joke

Dawn Stardler says:

they are everywhere . evan South Africa. they do as they please. they dont get arrested. they ridicule and terrorise people in broad day light daily. they terrorise and tape people in thier homes while their leaders watch you die slowly out if misery and pain. just like the terrorists slit peoples throats and execute people and tape it on the internet for people to watch. trust me its not and American thing THEY ARE EVERYWHERE EVAN SOUTH AFRICA. They torture u at your work place in front of everybody daily live with no remorse. trust me THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. and many have sold their souls for less than a 2 litre of lemonade. this is the truth and one day yoy all will know this truth.

truth speaker says:

This was the real one… The one now is a clone… They been killed the real her for doing this…

Evangelist Ann says:

JESUS's grace is sufficient if you repent.

Samuel Velez says:

You so stupid girl , you don't see around you???look at sky girl , look at the planes , it call camtrail , they been spraying poison all over the world in the skies for decades, google contrail girl

Mary Murdock says:

You made a deal with Satan! Not the government the illuminati

igo0di says:

3:18 lol cristal fucking perv

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