Karl Malone destroys Huffington Post reporter Marc Lamont Hill on racism against blacks

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Kuntear Sam says:

I agree Mr. Malone

Chidi Umeh says:

He destroyed nobody. The years have taken their toll.

lifestraight says:

Karl Malone doesn't get it at all. They both clueless.

Monde Amerique says:

Malone and Barkley suffer from OJ Simpson syndrome. They have been star athletes since their teens. As such they have never experienced racism. They have only received adulation from white society. Even when they behaved badly they got away with it. Karl Malone raped a 13 year old and got away with it. A typical black man would have gone to prison for 10 years for that. Malone and Barkley dont experience being passed up for jobs, being harassed by police, false imprisonment or any of the issues that a typical black person endures. Thats why they make such irresponsible statements.

Nikita Earles says:

The caption is disgusting and misleading. And long behold there's an extremely ugly white guy in the uploader's profile picture

Nvious Xpressions says:

I thought he was gonna say what would could do? I owned up to.my shit and still get beat out by systemic racism. These rich guys forget they are rich black guys and not poor ones. White people will view you different when they see the Karl mailman Malone vs Karl the mailman Miller who drives the USPS truck.

Sandra 4USA says:

The Mailman delivers!!

Smitty Knickerbocker says:

The Black Community is lost probably because they feel like they need to think as not individuals but to think with their skin color and not their independent minds. All the young people are glorified by the inner city street life. Mix that in with that crabs in a bucket mentality and some government socialism, no fathers broken families…a recipe for disaster.

sarikatimmi says:

thank you to both of them for voicing this. huffpo will you run this as much as other pieces?

nibot kram says:

The greatest gift to the black community right there.

Jonathan Hall says:

The event in Ferguson was an absolute fraud. Hands up don't shoot never happened and was the biggest lie that hurt so many people in the black community. Race baiting only hurts the black community in the end. Charles knows that and so does Karl.

Dan Bailey says:

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Harry Rubb3rball says:

Marc Lamont Hill is a race merchant and nothing else.

Robert Tombs says:

The mailman scores.

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