How is technology changing the healthcare sector?

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Personal technology is paving the way for a new era for healthcare that is changing the way we make medical decisions and how we receive treatment. This video explains the rising trend of remote healthcare and how it has allowed for better administration of treatment for patients at their homes.

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Jeff Nevil says:

This is a great video! I've made an infographic on how I think technology will change healthcare:

Michael McLaren says:

THIS IS 100% of what the word of God says will happen"Antichrist"in the last days

30422劉宥妤 says:

[0:28] history of healthcare

James Holden says:

Great video. Interesting find. Thank you!

Learn more about Peter Gale Nonsuch by watching his video here #petergalenonsuch

pricture says:

Those who mindlessly buy into & advocate for dependence on the "smart" grid may want to reconsider. There is nothing smart about allowing Big Gov't and corporate Monopolists to have total control over your life.

Mohammed Edris says:


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