Conor McGregor Drops Hype Training Video, I’m Ready For Khabib! | TMZ Sports

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Here’s new video of Conor McGregor hitting the gym to prep for his superfight with Khabib Nurmagomedov — and he looks scary good.


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Down Hill says:

khabib wrestled with bears in the woods lol. He comes from a war-torn country. Fucking up conor on the streets in New York aint nothing for him.

Chris Tedder says:

Conor: Puts out real work

Retard from TMZ: He WREstlES DRugGEd BEaRS

NoToBigBro says:

BurgerKing and shredded body = steroids – Nate Diaz.

Lee Healy says:

Believe it or not TMZ there’s actually no Irish people in Ireland that would line up to take a punch in the face off Conor. What an idiotic thing to say even from TMZ standards

Ahmed Nuhel says:

TMZ are going to lose alot of followers..

Mahdi Yusefy says:

Fooock khabib and his fans and TMZ

MrBLACKMAMBA305 shane says:

Connor gonna get his ass beat up

Wizkid Science says:

the Video was edited to SHOW several different techniques you DUMB SCUM and BTW mike tyson would tap out too, triple G and for sure any MMA woman would TAP you 3 hating fuk nuts I bet the 3 of you will be sucking conors dick in a month..and the Pauli Malinaggi was boxing if Paulie had did an open "WAR" workout spar with McGregor Pauli would be in Heaven NOW edited or not edited

bansheewhiskey says:

The young turks?

Ferdinand Headecker says:

These guys don't know shit about mma or ufc for that matter

David Gomez says:

I wish I could see the videos without the tmz morons…

ThatsStraight UpBullshit says:

TMZ. You suck xD

MikeeAndrei Gaming says:

Khabib u will eat your words! Be ready for your NEW FACE after fighting conor

MikeeAndrei Gaming says:

I think conor got this fight. We all know floyd is one of the best defensive boxer but he struggle to dodge all conor punches. Thats why he wait until conor gets tired before making his moves.

Cem kiser says:

Conor get destroyed

Lee Cambell says:

He's tap machine! Lol


Take the black guy out of there!!

E P says:

Who is that douche with the dyed black hair just hating? Isn't this supposed to be a sports show? Does he now know anything about fighting (actually I'm sure he doesn't) …but of course the video is edited,  it doesn't mean he didn't do those things. Also dude wasn't KO'd cold, he was just stunned and placed on his ass. Big deal.

Grant Sutherland says:

Conor is a true fighter , Khabib relies on wrestling and ground and pound, if he Khabib wants to be recognized as a true champion he needs to go toe to toe with Conor, Mcregor has so much more tools in his arsenal . Stand up combat and a will to fight to the death is more entertaining than 2 guys rolling around on the floor, true gladiators don't do this just go think back to Roman Times. UFC should maybe make a Wrestling Division and Stand up Division better suited for each type of Fighter, Then all the wrestling pusseys can watch their favourite MMA star roll round on the floor for 3-5 rounds.

Comments please!!!!!!!! Wrestling Lovers

Li Shaoqing says:

Oh shit he said he’d fight him 100% if they see each other on the street, I wonder how the press conference gonna turn out.

Tom Card says:

I can’t fucking wait so come back and say told you so

Johnny Gonzalez says:

The “duck walk” fk outta here

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