Al Gore to Donald Trump: “Resign!”

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Al Gore’s message to Donald J. Trump? “Resign!”

The former Vice President is hosting The Climate Reality Project at the Los Angeles Convention Center. He’s teaching more than 2,000 activists how to talk about climate change.

“Don’t take it from me. You don’t even have to take it from me or even have to take it from the scientists, who are virtually unanimous, take it from Mother Nature! Every night on the TV is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation!”

In this exclusive interview with Good Day L.A., he talks about California’s fight with the federal government over the environment.

The full interview will air on “The Issue Is:” on Friday, September 7th at 10:30PM Fox 11 Los Angeles.


Danny Leduc says:

Al go find manbearpig. Its your real calling.

Scott Bros says:

C02 is not a pollutant and has long past it's power to warm the Earth.
C02 greens the Earth bar none.
Regulated "clean coal" electricity kills no birds while wind turbines kill millions without any concerns on that from Al Gore or my fellow democrats in California or anywhere else as far as I can tell.
You pick up a feather off the ground that came from a Bald Eagle…go to jail…a wind turbine killed that bird and nothing happens.. Do you think that is equal justice for you and the owners/ promoters of wind turbines???
To my shock and horror this is the lunacy of the socialist-comunists that have infected the Democratic party.. #WALKAWAY is all that is left.

Phil Baldy says:

Why would you listen to a guy who lost to George W. ?

petulant says:

Fuck off Al Gore you fear mongering piece of shit.

chris barbera says:

Gore Everytime you open your mouth you drop 20 IQ points. Still trying to push an old narrative. Checks and balances?, you fail miserably on that. Keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a positive outcome from the citizens. When in fact your same actions prove how insane you are! Only the Treasonous individuals believe you, moron!

Renny Zero says:

Al Gore is well aware of anti gravity propulsion – Al Gore is another deep state actor.

Susan Pumphrey says:

Sue to Al Gore… you're a LOSER!

Melvin Hunt says:

Moron, moron, oh did l say al is a moron! Save America vote Republican in mid terms! Trump 2020!

Ed Taylor says:

Did Al Gore invent the internet and global warming at the same time?

Jack Ostrander says:

Al Gore is an embarrassment to the world.

Sheep says:

This dipshit will never stop pushing this.

Dan Nainan, Comedian says:

It's really hard to take Al Gore seriously when he flies only on private jets to go from city to city to speak about the environment. Also, he lives in a 10,000 square-foot home and has four children. Do as I say, not as I do!

makedonka makedonska says:

well however climate change, mother nature is not Donald Trump fault, he can't stop it, but he cares, I don't think that he doesn't care about. He probably does what others did before him in the past. He has to be blamed for anything?

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