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The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chart
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In this video, Steven shares some advanced structure trading techniques for the Forex market and a few key steps to building a Forex trading strategy.


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khoang says:

Top 3 traders:
1. Steve
2. Steve
3. Steve

= Legend!

Seneca yamma says:

BEAUTIFUL trade! Neckline break & price heads up. Loved the video, thanks so much!

thulani mthembu says:

Looking for someone to teach me f orex trading in south Africa my no it 0799586684

brecier says:

you didnĀ“t talk about that rsi divergence

Crispy Bacon says:

My only issue with this video is that you spent more time worrying about explaining that you "can't win 100% of the time", that it over shadowed your content. My guess is that some idiot blamed you for their losses and you are now being overly cautious. It was painful to watch you explain "Does that mean we are going to be right 100% of the time?" over, and over. You put up your disclaimer, so if someone thinks you are to blame, tell them to wash their mouth out with buckshot!

Kenn Emmanual says:

You son of a *** !! Your title says always yo…ALWAYS… Jesus these dog clickbaiters..

Ahmed Adel says:

Which time frame are you using ?
Rsi and ma settings ??

Aira Kinney says:

aaaaand he was right :p

CT MTB says:

What view on your graph do you usually do? 1 Mo, 1 day, 1 week…?

WookieJinx says:

Is the blue line the RSI? And what time frame is the RSI based on in this video? Thanks anyone for the help

robortalien says:

What site do you use for trading?


You are my best friend i am very glad i watching your videos very nice and very powerful your instructions i am very happy

katabok says:

u tell it like it is, thanks

wasim ahmad says:

Very little knowledge, too much time wasted.

Abdul Zaman Abdullah says:

Thanks you.. I just get 100pip..

Conkall17 says:

i cannot comment your videos anymore on the vid "stop waisting money forex market" ..

Eranda sanjeewa Rathnayaka says:

What is your RSI lenght that you have use in this video?

Simeon Gamin says:

Jangan percaya.

Marc Albert says:

2:53 don't wanna be an ass, but why say that there is no strategy that "always wins" when the video title clearly implies the opposite ? smh. Good advices nonetheless.

Roy Whyte says:

you will find nothing of GREAT value for free… My mentor taught me there is always something for sell on the back end which is where people tend to run and overlook the training and teaching the actually need. I'm glad i got to know someone who is really making money trading and the system he used to master trading. I want to start my own journey helping people that are as lost as i once was… Forex is all worth it but you must first master your trading style/strategy then the sky is the limit. If you are serious and want help Reply to me for more info….

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