Charles Leclerc’s Sprint Race Masterclass | Formula 2 Bahrain 2017

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Starts sixth. Gets up to first. Pits for tyres. Drops to P14. Comes back to win. Take a look at the performance that confirmed Charles Leclerc as a genuine superstar, when he took his first victory in the 2017 FIA Formula 2 Season.

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Zhenaro1989 says:

Bin großer Vettel Fan, aber ich denke das werden schwere Jahre für ihn. Bin gespannt wer sich durchsetzt Teamintern.

raheel zahir says:

Bad bad man this guy

Playstation 5247 says:

Let's see what the Monegasque young gun has to offer us at Ferrari next season

Bala Bk says:

This shows what a talent he is well
Its good that he has been promoted to to the Ferrari it's going to be a fun season next year imagine Leclarc winning the championship what a dream that would this Vettel is my father driver in f1 but next year it will be Leclarc

Mike PSTN says:

Leclerc showed why he deserves the Ferrari seat. no matter if he starts all the way back he still manages to win the race or be on the podium, unlike Vettel if he didn't start on the first row he either bin it in the first corner or the first lap

Andre Van Leeuwen says:

I love the term 'Masterclass' and this is such a young Master about to get into a Ferrari.
2019 F1 is going to be so competitive.

tiger lily says:

That F2 team's pit stop plan is better than ferrari f1 team lol

_ROTE_ simplemachines says:

The Iceman Cometh. Super Cool.

Diablo Chrome says:

Please upload the magnificent overtake by Charles in final lap in Abu Dhabi 2017

Ben Wiese says:

I watched this replay before Leclerc was even in Fromula 1

Max Johnson says:

Those 2017 Mecachrome V8 sounds better than current F1 power units, too bad they went changed to V6 turbo.

TheDerDumme says:

even f2 sounds better than f1 what a shame

scottiemcnichols says:

Absolutely, jaw-dropping, awesome racing! F2 gets no where near the coverage it deserves and congrats to Charles Leclerc on his promotion to the Scuderia Ferrari!

TheCanadianBubba says:

Some days all of the effort pays off !

The Logical Racer says:

I'll miss KIMI at the prancing horse. I want Leclerc to do well and same to Kimi.

manas cs says:

Another Danny Ric of 2014 loading..where will vettel go next.

Dylan gittinger says:

Seems like GP2 is liked by more and more people trough the months. I remember last year the stands were nearly empty at all races … But good to see some fans interested by this category

Camilo Formica says:

Please charles; Break mr gratzie ragatzzi's butt.

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