The Flu Vaccine: Should You Get It? 2018

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FLU SHOTS DON’T ALWAYS WORK! So will this flu vaccine save your life? Or will it KILL YOU!? This video looks at the pros and cons of getting the influenza vaccine, and discusses how they actually work to protect you from getting infected.

Cons: Influenza vaccines are not always effective because the World Health Organisation tries to predict mutations of the virus months in advance. Sometimes you can become sick with the flu even after you have been vaccinated. Also, the injection can cause minor side effects such as aching and fever.

Pros: The vaccine will induce an immune response that prepares your body for the influenza virus. If you encounter the flu, your immune system is primed and ready to attack the virus before it can infect you and make you feel very sick. It is also very cheap.

Other important things to note: It is possible that the 2018 influenza strain could cause a pandemic that kills a large portion of the population, so being vaccinated means being safe from that risk. Also, the best time to get the flu vaccine is mid to late Autumn, just before flu season really begins in winter.

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Don1ci1cio says:

Is it inactive or dormant waiting to be awaken by something else. Bill gates how ever have a problem of human population and he mention on his lecture that tru vaccine we can reduce that by 15 %.

Shaun Walsh says:

I'm getting it soon. Psoriasis plus stelara needle (Ustekinumab) to get rid of the psoriasis = low immune system.. Might be a cool vid if you can pronounce Ustekinumab

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