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I am introducing myself and my channel in this video.


Lenny Luckey says:

Hey Dotti, I'm also a Weight Watchers member. Great video.Welcome!

Randy Scott says:

Great job Dotti! (Sherry from Canada here using Randy's youtube username) I'll ook forward to your future videos! 🙂

Becky Steinhardt says:

Can't wait to see your future videos. I know you'll do awesome!!! Love you and so great to see your beautiful face. Give that cutie hubby of yours a hug and my love. Miss you both. I was the LUCKY #13 person to subscribe!!!!!

CGBuzz says:

Just wonderful Dottie!!!

Dotti's Corner says:

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by. If you like my video and would like to be notified of new videos on my channel, please subscribe for notifications.

faypaints says:

Love it, Cuz! It is good to see your face! I can't wait for the next video! <3

Kathy Arends says:

Love this! You are wonderful! Sending hugs!

Karen Swygart says:

Great job!! Looking forward to seeing your future videos. After all these years, I finally can put a voice to a face!! 😉 FYI — I go back to DWLZ since 1999-2000.

KCallaAK says:

Subscribed with notifications! Awesome.

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