From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin

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Putin’s intent on pushing back against the Western world order… and it appears to be working.

2:42 “Russian Hell”

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Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? By Karen Dawisha

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Vladimir Putin has been ruling Russia since 1999. In that time he has shaped the country into an authoritarian and militaristic society. The Soviet Union dissolved into 15 new countries, including the new Russian Federation. In Putin’s eyes, Russia had just lost 2 million square miles of territory. But Putin’s regime has also developed and fostered the most effect cyber hacker army in the world and he’s used it to wreak havoc in the West. But the election of Donald Trump brings new hope for the Putin vision. Trump’s rhetoric has been notably soft on Russia. He could lift sanctions and weaken NATO, potentially freeing up space for Putin’s Russia to become a dominant power once again. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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MrOnabanana says:

To bad this is vest propoganda .. lol

RusGunner says:

what pile of horseshit

Sergey Nikolenko says:

So biased in a way it covers any military conflict. A propaganda to continue "Russiagate"!

The Cowboy says:

Why is Trump trying to help a man who causes Terror and destruction

Rookut says:

Propaganda video

MrWaffleBrainz says:

Yes hate on Putin for wanting to bring back land that his former country wanted. He's not looking to invade the West, he wants what the Soviet Union had before.

Francisco Samir says:

Very one sided, of course, I you have to take it from where it comes…

Rob Reinhardt says:

Interesting parallel with George Bush I don't you think? (and people think the military intelligence complex hasn't been running the world since WW II – what a laugh).

Benjamin Hughes says:

"The 1980s called. They want their foreign policy back. " – President Obama during the 2012 debate with Mitt Romney. Odd to me Vox didn't include that quote

님보름햇 says:

Commie blood never change

Itsyoboyk Official says:

Well there is one misconception – You mentioned in 2008 Russia invaded Georgia occupying two different territories. Actually left edge of Georgia, which is named Abkhazia was occupied by Russia in 1992-1993. Boris Yeltsin was president that time. Occupation was led by Georgian – Abkhazian war. Just for information… P.S Today Georgias 20% is occupied by Russia and Abkhazia and Samachablo is Georgia!

Thiên Phú Hồ says:

Yeah sure all news have to be propaganda in Russia , but hey his action say something different to me, those action makes Russia strong again , so maybe it is why Russian vote for him
And in the land of freedom , USA never done something wrong in US media eyes , always protect civilian, being world police, act without UN .But always a good guy and Russian always be a bad guy to blame for anything ( and now Chinese )

Почта России says:

These Russian bots! Russians, always meddling in the elections, we shouldn't have foreigners doing any business in our American elections… oh wait

Gerd von Rundstedt says:

Yes, he tried to hack Clinton's election. How about when in 2014 he used force to annex the Ukrainian territory of Crimea?

subham roy says:

Bro. What about the background music. Name it!

Johnny Rep says:

Слава Путину!

Tadas Blindavicius says:

Russia is the evilest country the humanity has ever faced. Russia has inflicted more wars than all world nations combined. In 1905 Russians inflicted war on Japan, in 1939 war with Finland, soon after Russian "liberators" brought their dirty presence into Baltic states and overstayed here for 50 years. Luckily though in 1991 we Baltic states managed to break through from that damn Commie system for good. Both Chechen wars were inflicted by Russian "liberators". In 2008 conflict with Georgia. Now Russians' "peacekeeping" in Crimea and over Eastern Ukraine. Who is next? The sooner the West acts tough the better consequences will be for the US and EU. Only tougher sanctions on Russia will do the job. The fact that the West didn't act tougher on Russia in the first place, that's why Kremlin mobs go with the green light further with their invasive activity. The biggest Russia's motivation to act in with an invasive and aggressive way is the weak West. The weakness of the West will allow Kremlin mobs to do their atrocities with no impunity.

Fernando Valdez says:

I swear. WW3 will start because of some damn foolery in Syria.

Game Vortex says:

Let's get some facts on the table here. Oligarchs before and after the collapse of Soviet Union were stealing money and channelling them aboard. Khodorkovsky was stealing billions and moving it to the west. Moving to Chechnya, why are you failing to mention how many innocent Russian people were killed by Chechen terrorists who were paid for starting this unrest by the west (that is actually stated in several interviews). Moving on to Georgia, they attacked first, which was proven by UNITED NATIONS expert group who investigated this conflict. Same with Ukraine, all there all sponsored by the good old George Soros. The demonization of Russia started ages ago and never ended, taken to the extreme by Hollywood, look at who are the bad guys in every movie.
Let's make a documentary about how the deep state works in the US, who is in power, how the Nobel peace prize is awarded to someone who drops 10k bombs? Oh yeah sorry that is not the narrative you guys getting paid to pursue. Journalistic values serve no purpose in today's word.

RideXplore says:

The first 30 seconds and I tuned out straight away… same old narrative. Check your facts, go live there, ask people who live there.

robittiget says:

A nice video but don’t you think that our media is almost the same as how you describe it at like 6:30

V C says:

the video is bullshit. I should be an idiot to believe it. 3:11 he said: "Нужно внимательно относиться к подобного рода ситуации" in translation "We need to be careful about this kind of situation". Draw conclusions about the reliability of each word in this video. and do not let propaganda fool you

Сергей Соломатин says:

Very bad video, no facts, simply propaganda 🙂

Felipe Scarpelini says:

""Essentially all media outlets are state-owned propaganda machines. His regime decides which stories will air and how."

Jeez, this sounds a lot like the U.S. The difference is in the state-owned, but the rest is preety much the same

mick grahame dillane says:

Lets all remember that the capitalist Russia is orders of magnitude worse than it had formally been in the Soviet Union.

Jeremy Menning says:

It's ironic all these people calling for communism in the U.S. and wearing USSR era hammer and sickle shirts crying about "Russian collusion…the Russians! OMG the RUSSIANS!!!" BLAHAHAHA…Putin IS that hammer and sickle. He literally has reinstalled the KGB in the Russian government you accuse the administration of colluding with. Golf clap for the irony.

Yahzee Maure says:

Maybe we need a man like putin to reshape the US into something great even at the expense of some "things"

zaho87 says:

I respect both Russia and America as great nations. The problem isn't that Russia has someone like Putin, the problem is that America doesn't have someone like Kennedy. Today's America sold itself to a 70 yearold billionaire playboy and would rather see the world burn, than have it prosper under the guidance of a foreign power. Today's America is not America! We want the real USA back! The one that did something about freedom and justice, rather than the exact opposite of it!

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