I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT – Opinion

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Yeonmi Park and her family suffered tragically under the North Korean regime. Now she’s urging the United States to pressure Kim Jong-un to end the holocaust against his own people.

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Determined Dylan says:

I do believe that North Koreans deserve better but you need to worry about the nukes first and make sure that he gives up his nukes and then talk to Kim Jong Un about doing better for his people.
You put America first before helping other countries.

Tomek Jankowski says:

This looks like another propaganda movie to wash young american brains just to enter and waste another country.
For God sake when people will open their eyes? 300 years of history of strongest country in the world where 260 years of it was in a state of war.
How dare U do this to the world? Who gave U the right to do it?

Reich Tangle says:

I think it’s pretty simple kim jong un is reincarnated Hitler and moo Jae in is reincarnated Stalin

Yutao Chen says:

What the heck has happened to the comments? That girl didn't even mention a word like 'war', all the thing she want is 'DO SOMETHING TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE'. Those poorly educated should shut up.

lizard lonely says:

We need world peace

Shako Phom says:

M lucky enough that i ddnt born in North korea,only solution to bring down that God kim……. prayer ask God for peace….

Pardede Torang says:

If Trump strike north Korea the world would bully USA badly..
If don't.. people on north Korea would die softly..
And USA Choose listen to edm music..

Juggrouxx says:

Only president Xi of China can stop North Korea and Kim Jong Un

jezze56 cs go says:

German power will rise and rise it will never stop rising!

Gamingwith Pug says:

Great job for escaping cause south korea is a prison no human rights bruh my sorry for dat

Amir Artis says:

Please trump u better listen

Adem Sofilić says:

You're all disgusting for being perverts in the comments and not focusing on the point of the video.

Micah McCloud says:

God Bless you

YsabelleFTWEvilRainbowFTL says:

One day, something will change, and the regime will fall. Hopefully, that day isn’t too far away

Benjamin xD says:

How supreme he is at Home:

"Listening to LilPump while wearing yeezys and watching Jefrey Star…" JOUSONGSEOOOOO…

Pavel Drumev says:

The only problem is that NK is big friend with China and Russia. Otherwise Kim dynasty would have been removed years ago…..

Braden Hill says:

You have a point I think he should help with that

117 Infinity says:

Please do not talk Kim or Trump they are who they are . They to too they part before when they must go and die. But come little girl is take care of you.

somya rout says:

Girl I can die to have a skin like you.. Your skin is while,, spotless nd naturally glowing..

Kiki Thunder says:

I hardly doubt it will change. one thing he only cares about himself. trump will never change. and the other thing he's racist. he destroyed to native American land in north Dakota land. he didn't do anything for anyone. all he does is lie.

Ongmu Lepcha says:

U r an confident girl

cheeki breeki iv damke says:

kim jong pig lol

FCMB Phoenix15 says:

I can't say things about this…… i don't like Americans, they bombarded my country 1999, and….. only allies for me it is Russia, China, Greece, North Korea, Vietnam……. Why North Korea? becouse they are my allies, they are Communists, Vietnams the same……South Korea? i dont like them becouse they are with Americans, all i can say is….. we cannot believe in any country but lets hope we will live in the peace.


I m proud to be a indian beacuse we are the largest democracy and may be you support us or not.
Before 2050 india will become a superpower and when 1.2 billion from india shouts
the whole world will bound to listen us.

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