10 Awesome Web Design Inspiration 2018

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Checkout handpicked 10 cool web design ideas and inspiration for your project. CSS, jQuery plugin, Transition effect, 3D image rotation or even Starwars theme button!
Source code: https://redstapler.co/10-awesome-web-design-inspiration-2018/

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Naveen Tehrpariya says:

Sir jquiry ki script send karna. Or html5 par bhi videi banana

dantank boy says:

The makers of this said "No! That music is not annoying enough! Find something more annoying!!! And they settled on this……GIGGLES………….

Aryl Furqan Aswar says:

how awesome…

fejie tualla says:

wow awesome

Сергей Голубев says:

Each of them use JQuery. In 2018, they are useless.

Nogard says:

#BLINK Programmers know, what does blink mean.

John Vela says:

Good video 🙂

Евгений Сухарев says:

02:58 слайдер

ELBO D2i says:

Bhai need help.
In grasshopper.
Please sir

Rahul Pradhan says:

this is really awesome web design, I have a small query , sir/Ma'am how can i learn this type of web design (html,CSS,js) through your tutorial, actually your video is too small to learn and I want to learn more deeply, please reply…..

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