Top 60 Assists | 2017-2018 NBA Season

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Check out the top 60 assists from the 2018 NBA Season featuring LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Rajon Rondo and more!

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Waimin Gee says:

1:00 "I wonder how he sees with that shaggy hair cut, i dont care how he sees" make up ur mind man

Bane Todor says:

1 ass from Jokic? Can some1 make a video of Jokic's assists? This is BS…

Sadekin Khan says:

I used to deny LeBron's kingliness due to the fact that this man has no excuse for not dominating the NBA with such an ideal physique for basketball, but this man's passes are too nice for me to persist in any more of my naysaying.

Sir Oliver says:

Who made this list!?Where is Jokic?Are you blind or what?

Mosiah Fitzpatrick says:

So westbrook led the league in assists and wasnt on here once

J-Stilt 9 says:

#9 should be #1

Guy Prieto says:

That's teodosic assist had me rolling bro straight looking off defenders.

Nate de Hoog says:

How was d wade 59

e.nickl says:

Lebron made 10% of all 60 TOP Assist (6 Assist) include the TOP 1 Assist , he had the most points in the 2017-18 regular season (2251 points) , had more assist and rebounds per game than harden but was not named as the MVP, Harden is the " LeBron you can't win the award every year" MVP winner.

Denki Kaminari says:

Why is Lonzo only here once
He averages 7 assists mate

Russell Westbrook says:

Simmons travelled 34th assist

Michael Andreou says:

Lebron vs the Lakers has to be No.1 without even watching it. He's the Goat in my opinion.

Duncan Elms says:

Top 100 for dunks. Top 100 for crossovers. But only 60 for assists? You slack as fuck NBA

Yaşar Süha Kalaycı says:

2 reminds me of the Nash-Stoudemire

Hannes ottevaere says:

#7 is easy as hell, pass to the open man as quick as possible.. It's not that amazing, i'm sure BS had more beautiful assists
Edit: Same for #3

Mark 2909 says:

Simmons and saric with orange juice

Guillermo Rivas says:

LeBron now playing on Magic Johnson’s very own Lakers. Such a great time to watch Laker basketball

David Willingham says:

LeBron.. Lonzo… Rondo… Kuzma… Lance……… Lakers passing is going to be ridiculous next season

MyHoodComedy says:

Lonzo on the thumbnail lmao yall mad

Spice 0o0 says:

My Boy Ben is reppin the 215 to the Max!!

Deguzman Mikedine says:

How about cedi osman pass to

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