Omarosa claims President Trump is racist in new book

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Former White House staffer and reality TV star Omarosa Manigault-Newman tell-all book called “Unhinged: An Inside Account of the Trump White House” about her time in the Trump administration will soon be released. In it, she claims Trump used racial slurs, and describes other unusual behavior she observed such as eating paper. CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett is traveling with the president and has the latest.

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Dywane Cox says:

We obviously know this dude is racist, and use the N-word. She put that in her book like it was gonna shock the world. Tell me about the pee pee tape.

Five Eyes says:

So Omorosa WAS one of the FBI plants in the WH..The old Trumptards were right from day one..well spotted blue shirts…well spotted..

Andy Mcgraw says:

CBS, will run any negative story involving Trump.
Hey journalist, anything going on around America that doesn’t involve Trump?

Media is just way too lazy anymore.

Aerin Gossett says:

Yeah. Like we've been SAYING.

heehyydbbbdeeeeuuennnno3 says:

you got to give more than that to read yo book!

Dr Dread says:

The Lady is a T R A M P………

Adrian Manzano says:

We need a blue wave. Treason

upuntil6 says:

Trump being a racist is not news

Cheryl Bullard says:

I also wondered Why Trump invited the King Family to the White House, Now I know Why. Hahahahahaha, covering His racist

Cheryl Bullard says:

Omorosa worked for Trump when He first went into the Office and was on Video saying Trump is Not Racist and Now She write's in Her Book Trump is Racist. Go Figure. I do Not support or like Trump but come on.. Stop the flip flop Lying. Omorosa is learning how to Lie to the American people as much as Trump does. Like it or Not that's My take on this bullcrap.

Oliver Haynes says:

Omarosa! Pitiful! He used the n-Word during the production of the 'Apprentice' and yet you went and worked for him in the white house! Further, you tried to get the 'Brothas and Sistas' to believe he had their interest at heart! You are the worst kind of "n", commonly know as a "Tom". Away with you! We all know what Trump is and we don't need to read your book and fill your coffers to know that! He lets us know what he's about, sometimes several times a day! As for the n-word, what the big deal, most white people over a certain age say it (usually behind our backs nowadays). If they don't say it they think it, wishing they could just shout it out loud. I find their women tend to want to say it during the act. Kinda get it off their chest, so to speak! I say have at it and wished we had a word which stung them as much as its utterance, once stung us!! "President Trump is racist"! A non story by now, surely!

Sandra S says:

What Trump racist….DUH!!

WorK4It says:

She’s just trying to promote her book with lies

John Smith says:

Hes not racist ….

Pearl Tippins says:

If he was racist in the white house then she knew he was racist before she when in the white house to work him….shame on her… leave their books in the bookstore Let each one of them buy one…..the truth be told we can say she is a racist..she is just mad because she had to realize she are black… bye Felicia!!!

Lisa Quinn says:

Again… with that wanna be Oma-gross-a woman. She's the epitome of everything wrong with this circus "The Trump Administration". It's disgusting to think these uneducated, unqualified, self-serving individuals were/are being paid with our taxes. It's reprehensible and maddening as an American, we've seen a lot but this is beyond insane.

Clyde Frog says:

Show Proof or it never happened. Plain and simple.

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