First time medical marijuana patient tour of a cannabis dispensary

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Ever wonder what it’s like to visit a marijuana dispensary for the first time? We went to LUX in San Jose to find out.


William Tillery says:

MM was OKed in Arkansas can I buy products from other states with Arkansas card

Jersy For says:

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hustle_cannabis says:

Enjoyed the vid. Hope you're having an awesome day!

Kevin O'Korn says:

UT:10 News at the University of Toledo is doing on story on medical marijuana dispensaries.  Could we use a small portion of this video (with credit) to use as b-roll for the story?  Thanks for any help with this matter.

Jessica Green says:

I also have Ulcerative Colitis. Cant wait to find something that works for me

Yaboi d says:

still calling it medicine? lmao

Logan Johnson says:

This guy's a faggot.

mark lones says:

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Radoje says:

You have like from me 😀 supp

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