Best of John Wall | 2018 NBA Season

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Check out the best highlights from John Wall during the 2017-2018 NBA season.

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J V says:

John Wall is a beast

Switchmaster64 says:

Wall is a beast, definitely top 4 pg behind only curry cp3 and westbrook…kyrie ain't far behind tho

Dime10 1 says:

Imagine if he played the whole season

Rock TV says:

reminds me of prime DWade

Gwayne Graham Gan says:

better than magic johnson

Eminson ALcius says:

Top 10 nba point guard on my page

Samiya Hussein says:

Fastest player

Mo Zee says:

best two way pg in the league. you can argue that he's up there with steph and westbrook.

Demaurian Barnes says:

Who’s more athletic, Westbrook or Wall?

REDRAGON12345 says:

Easily one of the most overrated players and the fanboys here defending him are hilarious. Wall is an ineffective shooter (42%FG, 72%FT) who had a career low in rebounds, and a horrific assist to turnover ration (27th in the league). The only thing he excels at is crying to the media and getting teammates to hate him. Oh, and he hasn't won anything in the NBA thus far. Total garbage.

gianhappy Cacalda says:

mvp season campaign coming barring injuries

Jonathan Garcia says:

All of Wall's assists look better than Lebrons "assisit of the year" hate me

VASTOR says:

Wall > Westbrick

かべ。 says:

My favorite player❤️

MarmotaMckbl says:

U are a lose' nigga at that uzi nigga

Tekashi – 2018

MISTER GaMeR says:

Underrated PG !

MISTER GaMeR says:

He's an actual beast !

ELi-MHB Fps says:

I hope he stays healthy fun to watch


3:47 im not gonna lie as a true Wizards that was a goaltending lol

ragingfiip says:

After watching this video, I gotta say John Wall's a better chase-down shot blocker than LBJ…. at least last season he was. And the fact that he's shorter by 4 inches makes it all the more impressive.

Nolan Hall says:

He is ridiculously underrated

Russell Red says:

Dat hall of fame chase down artist badge doe 😀

Balázs Juhász says:

Wall for DPOY lmao

bruce lau says:

Best Point guard in the East tho

Nathan H says:

One of the few loyal guys in the league. Best pg in the east

Saucy Saucy says:

He too good like I you agree

TheDawbog says:

That no look lob at 1:30 is fucking insane

Justin Vader says:

Go play with LeBron. Wizards are ass.

Slim Shady says:

Mooch better than Stephanie

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